What One Should Know About Foot Massage Tucson

Foot massage is something that is not only pleasurable but promotes health and well-being too. In accordance with Chinese medicine, the majority of sensory nerves of body internal organs are found in feet. In the course of reflexology sessions, practitioners make use of feet as their detailed body map, treating any health ailments. This is done through the guidance of meridian points that correspond to specific organs. In consideration of foot massage Tucson residents have a lot to gain.

It is through the meridian points that energy is sent to organs being targeted. Massaging feet is a proven way to improve physical and psychological health. Through a study, it was shown that persons that received this form of massage after they underwent coronary artery bypass graft surgery were calmer than those who did not. This is proof of its relaxation effects and its improvement of physical well being.

People that are experiencing nausea or general body pain are certain to get relief. Massaging feet is used as a healing tool for cancer patients, as was shown by a study by the University of Canberra is Australia. A total of eighty seven patients that were given massages on their feet had instant beneficial effects on their nausea and pain feelings.

By getting feet massaged, there is muscle stimulation, improvement in circulation of blood, relief of tension and stiffness and elimination of pain. Consequently, if massage was to be done regularly, one would be certain to stay free of general body ailments. Luckily, it is something that can individually or with the help of someone be done from home. It does not necessarily require professionals.

First and foremost, soaking feet in warm water for approximately ten minutes will help to make them smooth. The water used for the soaking may be scented, but this is not compulsory. It is optional. Scenting provides aromatherapy. Drying feet with a warm towel is done after the soaking.

Before beginning the actual exercise, the person receiving the massage needs to be very comfortable for maximum benefits. Because chances are high that lotion or oil will be used, it is advisable to have several towels at hand to avoid creating a mess around. The feet are stroked to stimulate circulation and warm the feet. Massaging action is achieved through sweeping and rubbing action.

There is the technique known as thumb massaging. The thumbs are used alternately to create some form of pressure. They can also be used for sliding the length of feet with some firm pressure. This serves to relieve stress in tendons. There is also rotation of the ankle that mostly helps in loosening joints. The ankle is held with one hand and the other hand used for grasping the ball of the foot to gently rotate the particular foot in circles. It works best for people with arthritis.

In considering foot massage Tucson residents need to be aware that the exercise takes just 45 minutes. The benefits derived are great. On a daily basis, feet are subjected to stress and tension, which is why massaging them is very vital.

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