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  1. we didn’t evolve to eat cooked food or meat, but these foods were important in the evolution of society and civilization as they increased the available calories giving us more free time and saving us from wandering afar. Now survival is not the problem as such, calories are too easy to come by… get back to leafy greens and fruits along with our ape cousins.

  2. I think we are not evovled to cooked food, but it is possible to live on it. You just need to eat more of it, because it has not so much nutrients than living food.

    It all depends on how you feel about your food. This is from highest importance. You need to feel good with your food. It is not about being 100%, it is about feeling good with what you do!!

  3. do you think humans evolved to eat cooked foods?
    I am not 100% raw (pretty high though) and I am perfectly content with it.

  4. i agree, but it’s more of a lifestyle than just a diet. there are a lot of weird cult-like raw foodists out there but there are also many good hearted people that you can befriend. the more you get into it, the less expensive it gets (once you get over dehydrating, packaged superfoods, gourmet restaurants and get into growing your own foods, participating in community supported agriculture, farmers markets, food foraging) and it seems less time-consuming because it just becomes a part of you.

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  6. InvisiMan, personally, I don’t think eating cooked food is an addiction. For someone trying to incoporate more raw foods into their diet, this kind of talk could lead to feelings of guilt and for someone doing their best to get healthy, this might mean the difference between success and failure. There are some good reasons to cook certain foods.

  7. It’s not as hard as you think – once you break your cooked food addiction it’s all easy.

    Remember, a raw food diet is your NATURAL DIET – in fact, it is for every species of animal on the planet!

    Cheers to good health 🙂

  8. I just had to say that I have found that when I eat a raw meal, within a few mins I actually DO NOT feel hungry. I’ve been told that it is because our bodies have been PROPERLY fed with that meal with the vitamins, minerals etc and NOT empty cals which are not nourishing. Another thing I have to say is, BE PREPARED!! You need to have raw meals and snacks prepared so you DO NOT get caught out!! Hummus, Pates, Dehydrated nsacks i.e. cookies, Crackers etc.

    I hope my input has helped
    Hugs x

  9. the question is: How badly do you want to change and loose weight and experience vibrant health!?

  10. What’s holding me back is that I feel like the raw meals won’t be as good or satisfying as it’s cooked counterparts. Maybe I can integrate enough raw so that I feel the difference and that will make me want to do it more. Raw is something that I aspire to do I don’t know how you all do it. Thanks for sharing.

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