Vegetables And Water Will Help To Lose Weight.

High consumption of vegetables rich in cellulose – is a real secret of good shape. Moreover, vegetables help your food supplements to show better their effects on muscles. Unfortunately, most people consume not enough vegetables. The secret of the effectiveness of vegetables is that they fill the stomach, but it does not give very many calories. This makes the metabolism stay at a high level during a strict diet because of the need to digest large amounts of food.

Vegetables sate well and maintain blood sugar stable, so the processes of building muscles and burning fat are not interrupted. If you want to have a low percentage of fat in the body – eat a lot of vegetables. All of them are dense nutritionally, but low-calorie, so you have a great selection of them. With the tightening of your diet, increase consumption of vegetables – it will improve significantly the processes of fat burning.


Thanks to researches, there is no doubt that increased consumption of water during low-calorie diet speeds up fat burning. During one recent study the researchers were observing the effects of consumption of 500 ml of water for power consumption, metabolism and fat burning of 14 healthy, normal weighing people (seven men and seven women). It was found out that consumption of only 500 ml of additional water per day increases your metabolic rate by 30%! The increase starts 10 minutes after consumption and reaches a peak after 30-40 minutes.

Water increases thermogenesis (calorie expenditure for the heat). About 40% of the thermogenic effect accounts for heating the water by your body. In men, fat was the main fuel to feed this process, in women – carbohydrates perform this function. The general thermogenic response to water consumption in this research was 24 calories, and this is 100 calories if you drink 2 liters of water a day. Under a strict diet this number certainly will do you good.

As you can see, if you use vegetables and more water in your ration, it will be useful not only for your health, but also for your shape and muscles.

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