Understanding The Causes Of Man Breast

When one wants to know the causes of man breast, what they really want to know is the root cause. They believe that once an underlying cause is identified the problem can be solved. Those who suffer from this condition can choose to confront it or hide their physical problems. Often surgery is chosen as the best solution without a proper understanding. Once properly understood the sufferer can make a more informed decision.

The enlargement of the male breast is called Gynecomastia. The medical dictionary describes this problem as an unusual growth affecting the mammary gland. Those who suffer from this problem are looking for a root cause so they can decide on a proper course of action. There is no singular absolute cause, instead there can be many reasons why someone will suffer from this medical condition.

One of the main causes of this within men can be seen in men who are body builders and either currently use or have used an anabolic steroid in order to aid in the development of their muscles. When the male body has an excess or abnormally high level of testosterone it will convert the excess into estrogen. This estrogen leads to the development of a protruding breast. The cure in this case can be as simple as surgically removing the developed breast.

Boys between the ages of 12 and 18 can also find they suffer from Gynecomastia. Most of these boys, as they age will eventually find that their body has begun to go back to normal. There are still a group of boys that will find that their enlarged breasts do not decrease as they age. When this is the problem the best solution is to consult a medical professional.

There are other reasons for the development of breasts in men. A blockage in the production of testosterone will lead to an excess amount of estrogen. These blockages could be caused by pituitary glandular issues or other types of syndromes. Kidney failure in a male can lead to Gynecomastia. During their kidney treatments there is a change in the normal hormone levels often leading to the development of breasts. Malnutrition will also lead to the development of breasts. If the male body does not receive the proper level of nutrition, testosterone levels will drop but the levels of estrogen remain the same. Another common cause is aging. As the male becomes older the hormone levels can begin to change. This change can often lead to an enlarged breast. This is most often seen in men who are over weight and getting older.

When it comes to the proper treatment of Gynecomastia, the male will need to speak with a qualified physician who can properly diagnose the cause. If malnutrition is the root cause of enlarged breasts the patient will need to properly identify what nutrients he is currently being deprived of. Root causes such as hormonal changes can sometimes be corrected if it is treated early enough. The time frame for a successful reversal is anywhere from 2 to 3 years. After three years the breast tissue becomes hardened and more difficult to remove without surgery.

The causes of man breast can lead many men to be embarrassed about their medical condition. This leads them to either choose to fix it by surgery or through other alternative medicines. While most men will only choose surgery as a last option many will opt for alternative medical solutions. These other medical solutions should be discussed with a doctor before under taking them.

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