The Law of Success

School is definitely one of the very first places where you get to experience how the law of success works. After all, in order to succeed in school, you really do have to take certain actions and maintain a certain attitude. For those who are still in school or are planning to go back, here then are some tips on using the success law to your advantage:Succeed in School through Studying.Yes, this sounds absolutely silly judging by how obvious it is, but it really does bear repeating: if you want to make it to the top of your class, you have to study AND study hard. The law of success truly rewards good old fashioned hard work and discipline, so don’t try to skirt those nights when you really need to hit the books. And remember that studying isn’t just about reading and memorizing. It’s about understanding what you’ve been reading and memorizing. Exercise your brain as you read and you’ll be able to recall essential details for class and exams much easier.

[The Law Of Attraction]

Preparing the Field.For the farmer to reap a harvest, he cannot simply scatter seeds in a field. The field must be plowed, fertilized, and otherwise prepared before the seed is planted. For some crops, these may take years of preparation; as Stephen Covey points out in his book, “The Eight Habit”, a potato farmer must prepare his field for two years prior to planting. People must be prepared for success the same way. They need to have the weeds of negative thinking cleared away. They must be prepared for the planting by learning the attitude of expectation of success. A person must be fertilized with thoughts of abundance so that the seed has food to grow.

“Fear exhausts life energy.” To overcome fear and every other obstacle with courage and faith, keep your consciousness on God. Meditate, pray, focus. These are the means to reinforce the habits of success. If you fail, redouble your efforts. Analyze what went wrong, but always try once more. Never quit. Transfer your attention from failure to success and you will grow.See the image and likeness of God in all people. When you intend to condemn or criticize others turn inward and examine yourself. “Habits of thought control one’s life.” Form right habits as good habits nourish spiritual aspirations and set you free.Maintain a consciousness of abundance. All power lies with the divine will, all spiritual and material gifts flow from that boundless source. Eradicate thoughts of limitation and poverty.

Tending the Crops.While the crop is growing, the farmer needs to tend and protect the growing plants. The field needs to be watered, treated to prevent insect infestation, fenced to protect the young plants from animals who would feed on the crop. A person working towards success must also protect his crop. Positive associations are needed to continue the growth of the ideas plants. Negative people and negative ideas must be protected against. Learning about himself and his endeavors (books, classes, further reading) can fertilize the ideas, making them grow stronger and faster. Persistence is needed to weather the storms of depression and impatience which can threaten the crop of success.

A human is born to be powerful. The inborn in him are vast. Each standard human being is provided with a entire set of faculties which, if accurately utilized and exactly used, will assure victory, a mounting victory. Man is formed for improvement. Every human being has within himself the faculty for unending development. Development into everything is the universal law’s impressive intention. By finding out how to do with the Law of success in promoting that objective, man may build himself into better and greater success.All the processes of Nature are winning. Nature knows no failures. She never plans anything but success. She seeks at results in every form and manner. To achieve something in the best and identifiable sense of the term we are obliged to, with Nature as our model, copy her ways. In her principles and law of success we shall discover all the secrets of richness..

The law of success is not just for people starting up a business or trying to make their way up the corporate ladder. It can definitely be used to help anyone succeed in school, which is certainly very important in the shaping of a person’s future. So, if you’re still studying or plan to return to your studies, make sure to take the law into consideration.

Your definite chief aim must be written down and committed to memory. It must be written down on a daily basis and placed where you can review it at least once a day. The mind works as such that we act in harmony with our dominating thoughts. The stronger we feel about those thoughts, the more our behavior lines up. It is amazing that when we think about not spilling the hot coffee, we always seem to get second degree burns. One key thing that must occur when you write down your goals and dreams is that it must be handwritten to achieve the desired effect. The effect of the written words and the mind is very powerful. Those words are committed to memory and recalled faster when a simple composition pad and pen is used.

Do you desire to do well? You can. You hold all the necessities within yourself; all you need is just to obtain a acceptably understanding of the principles and laws upon which success is dependent, and then to apply the right ways of operating these causes until success is achieved.The law of success is as clear-cut as the laws of any science. The precise use of this law will produce outcome every time. It is results that is important; and as results may be multiplied indefinitely by a relentless application of this law of success, there is no ending for the success you can enjoy. Great things are not less possible than small things, and it is the great things that will go after whoever operate the universal laws with loyalty and understanding.

We are given the desire and the tools to create. But due to our lack of wisdom, we don’t have access to the knowledge of how to do it. Hence, we should first learn and practice, then we will find a way to work in harmony with the Laws.The skills taught in the Law of Obedience program include:-Learn how to bring things into alignment by differentiating between Nature vs Normal.Discover a 2-minute fix of how not to violate this Law.Understand why the big problems that you face may be a good thing for you.The Law Of Success.In whatever you do, you will get a result. Whether it’s a good or a bad result, it is still a result. And that is called a “success”. But it may not be a success you want, if you do things poorly, do unhealthy things, do things that make you poor, do things that lack quality.The Law of Success says do not blame others – how your life has turned out is because you have successfully attracted it through your responses, the choices you make and the actions you take. Be careful what you ask for – because you will get it.

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