Importance Of Premier Adaptogen In Disease Treatment

Your lifestyle is greatly influenced by the state of your health. The type of food you eat, your sleeping hours, and the activities you engage yourself in are very essential in shaping the curve of your health. If you allow your lifestyle to be just average, your health may deteriorate even more. Learn to do away with anything that might make your lifestyle dull and look forward to improve and make it better. To obtain energetic and effective adaptation, you will be require to take premier adaptogen of the highest quality

There are numerous plants and herbs, which play adaptogenic functions in your body. Examples of such herbs include Rhodiola Rosea, Eleutherococcus, Codonopsis, Chaga, and Schisandra Chinensis. Every one of these herbs has its distinctive way of increasing your health. Depending on ecological factors, they will be found in many different parts or the universe.

A polypore fungus called Chaga is very popular in republics like china and Russia. Its a rare mushroom, which grows together with birch trees. Residents in these areas have nicknamed it immortal mushroom because of its ability to keep people young by slowing the aging process. Most of the skin melanin and powerful antioxidants are derivatives of this herb. Upon consumption, it keeps the skin smooth, tender, and young.

Another adaptogenic herb is the Codonopsis, a plant that produces flowers. Its roots have much nutrients and therapeutic advantages. It is used to correct a number of health conditions such as diarrhea, diabetes, weakness, and asthma. This herb is beneficial to patients suffering from cancer, and plays a major role in preventing adverse side effects after they undergo radiation treatments. Moreover, it enhances production of more white and red blood cells.

Eleutherococcus, is an essential adaptogenic herb that is found in the same family with Siberian ginseng. It increases energy production in the body. It also plays a crucial role in boosting your immune system. People with high or low blood pressure use to normalize the blood pressure. It is grown in large scale in eastern part of Asia.

Rhodiola Rosea is greatly grown in Arctic region where most users refer to it as the root of gold. It is known to reduce the magnitude of anxiety and depression among the old and the young. It enables your body to restore energy through fatigue eradication. Those who are stressed physically and mentally experience total cure from the herb.

Schisandra Chinensis is yet another herb mostly found in China. This Chinese medicine is a berry, which you can use in form of drinks such as wine or tea. It is effective in repelling early aging and assists in keeping you young. It boosts your immunity and assist in bringing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels back to normal.

Consult your physician before consuming any of these adaptogenic herbs. The doctor will advise you on the best premier adaptogen to take depending on your body’s health requirements. You will obtain healthy lifestyles through consumption of the right herb supplement. It will also increase adaptation mechanisms of your body for a healthier living.

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Things To Know About The Use Of Super Miraforte With Lignans

The drug Super MiraForte with lignans is meant to maintain a normalized testosterone levels. Men who intend to maintain their health mainly use it. According to research, as a man approaches 60 years of age will typically have 60 percent less testosterone. The drug contains a natural plant extract that will work to reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This is with nettle root and chrysene extracts.

The product also uses Bioperine to enable the chrysene be absorbed easily into the blood. There is also the addition of a standardized lignan that is extracted from a Norwegian spruce. This will then be converted into enterolactone when they reach the intestines. This ensures that they rapidly get absorbed into the bloodstream where they begin their biological influence.

It may be possible for men who begin having low levels of testosterone to be coupled with health problems. When the individual maintains the normal levels of testosterone, they are able to maintain a better health and improve their general performance. If the individual is aged more than 40 years old, they are likely to begin developing signs of the devastating effects of having low levels of testosterone.

Individuals suffering from this are likely to develop far-reaching effects that range from a reduced sex drive to decline in cognitive. They are also likely to gain a lot of fat around the abdomen. The right testosterone levels maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. One major benefit you might notice is that the drug contains many natural herbs.

One of these herbal ingredients is a herb found in the Brazilian rainforest. The Muira puama is a good aphrodisiac. Many people having low libido and sexual disorders have used it. More than 62 percent of the users have developed positive effects. In addition to that, more people suffering from normal sexual problems have gained many benefits.

Another more element the drug has is a lignan extracted from a Norwegian spruce. It provides a fast absorption of the drug into the blood. There are other significant biological effects with the drug. When the lignan has converted to enterolactone, there is the production of antiestrogen and anti-DHT. This benefits people who have an aging prostate gland.

It remains vital that you understand what the recommended dosage is. Most of the time, the patient should take two capsules at the start of the day and the same dosage in the evening. The physician could recommend you go for a different dosage as well. You can take the drugs with or without the need of food. It is important that you read all the directives to ensure you take the drugs as required.

Users should be cautious especially if they are taking other forms of medication. Before you do this, ensure that you have the supervision of a physician. You should also understand that it does not favor men suffering from prostate cancer. The Super MiraForte with lignans should not be taken in excess of 15 mg per day. It is vital to consult the physician before use.

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Basics Regarding Organic Klamath Blue Green Alge

Klamath Lake is located in Oregon state, which is part of the United States of America. It is a shallow, large freshwater lake east of Cascade Range and in the south-central portion of the state. This is recognized as the biggest body of freshwater in Oregon because of its massive surface area. Organic Klamath blue green alge is sourced from this water and has become a popular topic in recent years, especially among those involved with the health world.

This lake produces a special type of blue green algae known as Aphonizomenon flos-aquae. It is similar to chlorella and spirulina, but has some notable differences. Many folks tout the health benefits of this algae.

Grown in most other places, aphanizomenon flos-aquae is considered toxic. However, that which is grown in Klamath Lake is known for being pure and free of these toxins. This makes it available for ingestion by humans and there is plenty of it that grows in this region.

Approximately thousands of kilograms of this are harvest from the lake on a yearly basis and sourced to clients in the supplement industry. During the summer, the algae growth is robust and the lake becomes green because of it. The native fish tend to die out because this sucks the oxygen out of the water.

There is a lot of information out there about the potentially powerful health benefits of this substance. However, there is not much solid evidence to support those claims. This algae is believed to suppress tumors, enhance immune systems and serve as a plant source of the B12 vitamin. Like all other algaes, it has high amounts of iron, phytonutrients and protein.

It also features a lot of phycocyanin. The algae is actually said to have higher amount of the compound than all other food sources. Spirulina is known for having approximately five percent of this, but the Klamath Lake algae has three times that at approximately 15 percent. Phycocyanin is a natural antioxidant that forms in cyanobacteria. This is believed to reduce inflammation present in the body, as well as oxidative stress.

There is not evidence that can prove the claims made about the benefits of this and so it should be used cautiously. Very few studies have been done on this substance and so there are rightfully skeptics. It is suggested that persons speak with their doctor or a health care professional prior to incorporating this into their daily supplementation. This may work for some and not for others, but it may be best to start off with it in small doses.

This algae is widely available through health companies that sell natural supplements. Often times it comes in powdered form, which can be added to various juices and recipes. It might also come in the form of a pill mixed with other similar natural substances. This might be expensive, but cost will vary based on many factors, including the source. Purchasing organic is best, as it is less processed. Be sure to follow the instructions offered by the manufacturer and only purchase these types of goods from trusted, reputable stores.

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The Benefits Provided By The Best Blue Green Algae Supplement

People can resolve a vast array of health issues through the use of the right nutritional products. This makes it good to find out more about the best blue green algae supplement. These products are sold as capsules, shakes and powders. They have a funny look but they can definitely provide an array of health benefits.

One common contributor to poor health is an abundance of heavy metal toxins. These are often obtained through various environmental sources. For example, eating a lot of fish from the ocean can cause people to become mercury toxic.

These toxins are very difficult to get out of the body. In fact, a number of individuals have become quite ill when attempting to perform heavy metal detoxification programs. This is because their methods were either inefficient or simply too harsh for their various organs and organ systems. The right forms of algae, however, makes this type of detoxification both safe and easy to do.

Fresh cilantro should be consumed in abundance. This is an herb that can bind metal toxins to the lower intestine. These toxins will not be carried out of the body by the cilantro. This is why you will have to use algae to complete the job.

Taking a supplement that contains this particular type of algae will resolve the problem. These organisms will absorb the heavy metals and carry them out in the stool. You might experience a bit of minor constipation in the process, but you will not feel any major side effects such as those that are commonly associated with other forms of heavy metal detoxification.

Supplements like these can provide a range of additional benefits. They can improve your immune system functioning. This means that you will be less likely to get sick and will get better far more quickly when you do. People who suffer from chronic conditions tend to rely on these supplements heavily. They are used by people who have terminal cancer and age.

Vegans can use these to supplement their diets. It is one very easy way to get an adequate amount of protein for remaining healthy without animal products. Proteins that are derived from animals are complete while plant proteins are not. Vegans are therefore required to find strategic food combinations that will give them proteins in complete chains. This is not something that you have to worry about if you have the proper organisms in your diet.

Blue green algae actually has such a broad range of nutritional benefits that many people believe that it could be a potential solution for world hunger. Many nations rely on this as their primary source of carbohydrates given that the local supplies are abundant. More importantly, these people tend to have very high levels of health and low rates of disease. Whether you want to boost your immune system, treat an illness in an alternative fashion or detox from a heavy metal, you must look for a high quality supplement to use.

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How The Blue Green Algae For Sale Could Contribute To Healthy Lifestyle

Many people claim to know many nutritious foods. However, they seem to forget that there are so many other nutritious food that they have never attempted to taste. However, some of them are able to acknowledge some foods that improve their health well. The blue green algae for sale are one of the best new food that would really work well for your health. Many people are unable to stop eating this food once they have a taste of them.

There are different forms in which these products are supplied. The very first form that you would get them is in raw forms. You would also find them in the medical institutions or in the chemists. Here, they are usually in form of supplements and tablets. People with various health issues together with the ones who want to improve their health get a good opportunity.

With this in mind, it is imperative for you to know the different reasons that influence people to consume this product. The product is good in treating different types of infections that people encounter occasionally. Infections could be of different nature and types, but the product could treat them all effectively. When your body has infections, you oppress the biological processes that take place there.

Some of the infections that the product could treat include bacterial, viral, fungal, and protozoon. Scientists have done a good research in the laboratories using this product and various infected animals. The curative process among the sick animals was speedy and the animals maintained their health in the right way. You could also use this product to prevent prevalent influenza infections.

In terms of immune boosting, the product is of immense importance. People with weak immune systems could find their help in this product and gain the ability to avoid diseases. You may not be able to live healthy and free of disorders if your immunity is weak. Moreover, strong immune systems could save you money that you would use for frequent health check-ups and diagnostic procedures.

From another quarter of research, the product is good at preventing cancerous problems. In the modern world, it is possible to find different people suffering from different cancerous conditions. However, having mechanisms to prevent them is more logical that waiting for curative measures. For this reason, you need to find this product crucial for preventing cancerous conditions that arise due to numerous factors.

If you did not take the most crucial nutrients, the body organs are usually unable to perform their roles. These organs for instance include the liver would not do its major roles if you failed to feed well. For this reason, people with liver disorders such as chronic hepatitis as well as cirrhosis would use the products.

There is an answer to people with allergic reactions in their body. These people suffer devastating problems when they eat certain foods that react differently in their body systems. They however do not realize that the various products they undermine would save them from the irritating rash from the allergic conditions. These nutritious products release chemicals that are able to inhibit the allergic reactions in the body.

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Reliable Adenosine Triphosphate For Sale

The medical field has used adenosine triphosphate or ATP in multiple forms and for several health procedures. Availability of adenosine triphosphate for sale depends on the form a client needs to use. It is either placed under the tongue as an energy boost or injected like normal medicine. The benefits have prompted medical practitioners to engage in further research in order to establish other uses.

The ease with which adenosine combines with other compounds makes it ideal for use in medicine. ATP is placed under the tongue and used to raise physical energy levels. The form of existence makes it easy to absorb around this area. This process is free of pain and makes necessary elements available in the right form.

Medical practitioners have been using the compound as an injection. It forms part of the drugs used in treating kidney failure. It helps to correct or reduce the damage caused by acute failure. Similar treatment is given for other organs.

ATP offers pain relief to patients battling pulmonary hypertension. They are injected in order to correct or regulate high blood pressure affecting lung arteries. It is useful during surgical operations because it keeps blood pressure in check. Regulation of blood pressure is also important when a patient is under anesthesia. It has proven effective in dealing with cardiac stress.

Adenosine compounds are very effective in pain relief. When injected in the spinal code area, they help in dealing with nerve pain. They assist in recovery after surgery by being injected intravenously. The injection has been helpful to patients suffering from bursitis and varicose vein conditions. Swollen and itching tendons are treated using this injection.

Blood circulation is crucial for body functions and especially healing of wounds. It is effective in dealing with infections like cold sores or genital herpes and others that result from herpes zoster. Patients are able to deal with shingles and neuropathy beyond achieving constant heart rhythm. It blocks faulty circuitry.

Cancer patients suffer from wasting of muscles because of disruption in energy metabolism. This is a very dangerous condition for overall health. An injection with ATP normalizes the situation preventing abnormal weight loss. This rewards the body with better quality life, making it ready to deal with advanced cancerous cells. Proper prescription must be made by a qualified doctor.

Cancer patients use the compound to enhance their appetite and therefore improve food intake. This is an incredible way to boost quality of life. This is particularly effective on persons battling non-small-cell lung cancer and related tumors. Scientific evidence has been provided for this treatment.

Injections relating to ATP must be prescribed and given by trained health practitioners. This will guarantee safety and effectiveness. A high dosage is likely to cause breathing problems and chest pains. Other signs of danger include nausea, anxiety, coughing and disorders related to sleeping. It also causes headaches, low blood pressure, flushing and extreme sweating.

Persons who should strictly avoid this injection include pregnant and breast feeding mothers. Sufficient evidence is being gathered on this. Heart patients are at a greater risk and so are those with a history of gout. It causes the conditions to worsen to the point of causing heart attacks.

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Stop Thinning And Discolored Hair With Biotin Supplements

Have you heard others talk about biotin? Instead of asking yourself what is biotin vitamin supplement you should consider doing a little research. It may not be something that you have heard about very much, but the truth is, your body needs it if you want healthy skin and hair, as well as a healthy digestive track, cells, nerves, and a great metabolism. It can also treat some nerve pathologies like peripheral neuropathy which is often a result of diabetes or kidney failure.

Your body needs biotin daily, regardless of your age. Even infants need it to be healthy. So instead of wondering what is biotin vitamin supplement, perhaps you should be asking yourself whether you are getting enough biotin in your diet without the supplement. Chances are good, you are not because adults over the age of 19 and pregnant women need at least 30mcg daily. If you are breast feeding, you need 35mcg per day. However, you should ask your doctor for further information if you are unsure how much your body specifically needs.

Biotin is great for people in general, however, it can be especially good for people who have type 2 diabetes, especially when combined with chromium. Combining these two supplements will not only lower insulin resistance and nerve damage that comes with diabetes 2, but it can also improve your blood sugar levels. Even if you do not have diabetes, you will still enjoy rewards such as less brittle nails, thicker hair growth, an end to depression and cradle cap. It can even help you combat hepatitis. All of it combined is good reason why more and more people are turning to biotin supplements. Why not you?

Everyone knows that vitamin B is good for their body. Biotin is a coenzyme of it that is commonly called vitamin H. If you wonder what is biotin vitamin supplements good for, then you should know that you can get biotin naturally through foods. However, there are only certain foods that are high in biotin. These foods also have a lot of protein, which is hard to digest if you do not already have enough vitamin H in your system. Foods include things such as chicken or salmon, dairy, some greens, whole grain foods, many nuts and wheat germ or Swiss chard.

Are you tired of struggling to lose weight? Many people reap the rewards of biotin in the most noticeable way of dieting success made easier to achieve. With the biotin supplement, not only do you gain the ability to digest the biotin, but you also gain the ability to metabolize certain things much more efficiently. These things include proteins, fats, and even carbohydrates. If your body is more able to metabolize things, you will also gain energy because it will turn those things into energy. You can better, look great, and diet easier.

In many cases, people wait to ask their doctor what is biotin vitamin supplement until they start to notices issues such as thinning hair and brittle nails. However, early symptoms of a biotin deficiency can be rashes, fungal infections, dry skin, and Seborrheic dermatitis as well. If the deficiency continues to get worse, a person may stay tired a lot, become depressed, experience mental instability, paresthesia, and hyperesthesia. Usually as soon as someone starts to take supplements, the problems go away.

Due to the fact that biotin is something your body needs, there is very little risk for side effects when you take it. You can even take a fairly large amount safely because your body uses what it needs. This means most people take it without any problems at all. However, do not give it to children unless a doctor recommends it and consult with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing. You may also want to talk to your doctor if you take any medications regularly. In some cases, it may lower the effects of cholesterol drugs and in other cases; it may be that the biotin supplements are less able to be absorbed, such as antibiotics.

Stop asking what is biotin vitamin supplements and instead ask yourself how much good can it do for your body. It is effective for helping to prevent hair loss, hair color loss, and red scaly rashes on the face, depression and hallucinations, tingling in the arms or legs, and more. If you are a smoker, it can increase the likelihood that you have a mild biotin deficiency. Even if you are not deficient, it could still be a good thing to add to your daily diet.

Everyone knows supplements can give your body things that it may be missing. If you constantly notice that your hair is thinning or you have baldness, you may be able to find help with a supplement. Biotin supplements may change things so you do not lose your hair. Check out to discover how it works.

The Benefits Of Mitochondrial Vitamins

The cell found in our body is made up of unique organelles within it that plays a major function when it comes to the general health of the cell. The mitochondria is a distinct intracellular composition that provides 95% of the energy produced from the cell and also performs an important function in defending the cell from oxidative stress; it also executes this job well with the aid of mitochondrial vitamins. The way an individual lives and stressors around could affect mitochondrial performance and bring about disease processes in the human system.

Each cell composed of different elements inside a human body has a unique structure inside the cell, known as the Powerhouse of the cell and are the only intracellular cells that are functional in the body’s DNA, and these cells have the ability to replicate themselves on their own. A basic concensus between researchers says that mitochondrial dysfunction can play a main role in nearly every disease.

Some of the effects associated with not-so-strong mitochondrial function are proprioceptive deficiencies, environmental toxicity and inadequacies in important cellular nutrients. The regular diet, sedentary lifestyle, and the volume of impurities around render the generation of today a lot more prone to mitochondrial malfunctions than ever.

Sound mitochondria rely on an eating routine that normalizes blood sugar levels, ratio of fatty acids and supplies doses of trace minerals as well as phytonutrient anti-oxidants. The diet plan includes fresh vegetables and proper sources of fat, e. G olive oil, coconut products, avocados, nuts & seeds. Free range and Grass-fed animal products made from animals are extremely nutritious too.

It is possible to boost stabilization of mitochondria by consuming anti-oxidants and other minerals often. This is often attained using lemon or lime generously and also pink salts, turmeric, rosemary, ginger, cilantro in meals, soups, oregano, cinnamon, cloves, & salads, and drinks.

Excellent mitochondrial enhancing nutrients are Pyridoxine ( B6 ), Vitamin D, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Zinc, CoQ10, and trace minerals. Vitamin D ranges ought to be in the range of 60 to 100 ng/ml. Improve Vitamin D in a natural way with 20 to 60 minutes of direct sunlight each day or boost it with emulsified Vitamin D3. A natural multi-vitamin which offers enough of folic acid, B6, B12, trace minerals, Zinc, & CoQ10 ought to be taken in everyday.

The cell relies on a consistent availability of certain impulses to sustain their electrochemical capability. Proprioception, also called movement information, revs up neurological signals from the brain-body then to the mind . It’s akin to putting wood in an open fire because it increases the cells’ metabolism and triggers excellent cellular balance. Anytime cells are missing strong neurological flow, they tend not to be that stable and are prone to oxidative stress cycles.

An inactive way of life results in a proprioceptive deficiency. This deprives a person of vital neurological flow. Furthermore, weak spinal activity and habits produce unusual neurological impulses. This brings about physical stress actions inside the body that fuel the inflammatory processes. Neurological disorders and unusual physical stress activities yield an overload of oxidative stress on the mitochondria that result in dysfunction .

Great proprioceptive patterns originate from an energetic daily life filled with movement patterns that combine balance training and core stability. Chiropractic treatments and certain physical treatment activities repair spinal deformities and enhance usual proprioceptive inputs going to the body and brain. This limits stress on an individual and enhances mitochondrial strength & stability .

Toxins are all over more than ever and they play major roles in creating mitochondrial problems. Leading toxic compounds capable of harming mitochondrial function are heavy metals like mercury, pesticides/herbicides, air/water pollutants, food preservatives, and non-stick cookware, commercial cleaning agents, among others.

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Cellular Cleanse Diet Plans Are Beneficial To Many People

Many consumers feel overwhelmed when reviewing the various diet plans available on today’s market. Because all manufacturers state that their products and programs are the best, it can be difficult to determine which plans and formulas are truly beneficial, and which will be of little or no good to those who want to lose weight or eliminate toxins through the use of a cellular cleanse program. The following are some tips that may help make the selection process a bit less daunting:

Each day, humans are exposed to numerous forms of toxins. The latter are not only in the air people breathe, but also make their way into water and food. It is not always possible to avoid such toxins, and contact with them can leave an individual feeling tired and lethargic. Additionally, they have even been known to cause headaches, depression, anxiety, and allergic reactions. One effective way for a person to eradicate such substances from his or her body is to participate in a cellular detox program.

Almost all individuals know that the human body is primarily made of water. This is an integral component of any quality cellular cleansing diet. Therefore, anyone who chooses to participate in a detox plan should consume an appropriate amount of water each day. Nutritionists and dietitians recommend at least ten, eight ounce glasses per day.

Eating raw foods is also a priority when one is following one of the aforementioned diets, as such foods cleanse the person’s system at a cellular level. Such fare includes fruits, vegetables and any other products that can be consumed without being cooked first. Raw foods are also rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber, which are important with regard to the elimination of toxins. They are also essential to digestive health. Most participants should aim for at least twenty-five grams of daily fiber.

Most cleansing programs include the use of green tea. The latter not only contains many powerful antioxidants, it is also rich in catechins, which assist the liver to aid in the detoxification process. Additionally, green tea helps individuals remain hydrated, instead of having the dehydrating effect seen with other types of coffee and tea.

Another good way to speed the detox process is to add citrus juice to one’s diet. Limes and lemons are popular options in this category, as they have a pleasant flavor and can enhance the taste of tea or water. They also contain high amounts of vitamin C, and for this reason they can efficiently transform toxic substances into water that can be eliminated from the body as waste.

When following a detoxification program, it is wise to add exercise to one’s regimen. This is because, as most people are aware of, exercise results in perspiration. The latter is the human body’s natural way of performing cellular detoxification. If for some reason an individual cannot do much physical exercise, he or she should consider spending time in a sauna, as this will achieve the same result.

Cellular cleanse diets are not right for everyone. This is why, prior to starting any new exercise or diet plan, one should speak to his or her primary health care practitioner. However, most men and women who adhere to a sensible detox diet are happy with the results.

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Things To Evaluate In A Professional Of Cellular Healing

You should find a professional in cellular healing. Do not just entertain any service providers but he should be someone who is certified in the service. The checking of credentials of the professional service provider is very important. There is a lot of information in the credentials. You will find out about the education and training the service provider.

He has to be someone who has undergone the necessary training and education. He must possess a professional license for the service. Check who issued the license. The certification must be issued by recognized standards body in the community. They should be reputable institutions if the professional got several certifications for it.

You can research about the institutions with the information on the internet. The professional license must be issued by this state or by the state where the service will be provided. Check with the local licensing office for more information about the status of the license. Know that license can expire.

This is where you find comments of clients about service providers they have dealt with certain services. You may check if there are any comments for the service provider that you are considering of going to. Look for websites. Professionals who are into services like this may have a website.

How you check with the professional license of the service provider you should do the same with their clinic. The clinic of the professional could be advertised on the internet. Check for this. There are search tools that you can use. For one, you can use the search engine.

There could be several clinics that are operating in your area that are providing the service. You may just now aware of these clinics or service establishments. It is good to have different options of the service. It is nice to have different providers of the service. Know that these providers are not the same. Their qualifications alone are different.

Compare the level of service of these providers as well as their prices. Find a professional who can provide good service at a price that you can afford. Get some recommendations from friends, relatives and colleagues regarding the service. You could have people who might have utilized the service before with the same professional.

Check with friends, relatives and colleagues if they have tried the service. Or even if they were not able to try to the service before, they could have heard something about the service or the professional providing it. They may also know people who have tried and used the service. They may refer you to these people and talk to them. Get the information that you want. Consider several service providers.

Know that there could be several service professionals who are providing the service in your area than you have ever realized. Make sure to check them up. Again, not all of these service providers might be good for you. Talk to them first about the service. You may set up an initial appointment just to size up the professional. You will know then if you can work with this person or not for cellular healing.

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