Hard To Blog?

What is your belief? Is it easy or hard to blog?

You signed up (or maybe thinking about doing it) for this journey. Anytime you set out to learn a new skill or make a dramatic shift in your life you must encounter some challenge or bumps in the road. Right?

To live the life of your dreams is it hard?

Always I hear from people that step into their journey some fear. Specifically how hard it is to use the platform or drive traffic or how it is hard to blog.

I think if would be weird if it were any other way.

Your freedom, your business, your passion, your dreams that is what life is about.

So let’s not confuse HARD with IMPOSSIBLE.

These are two very different things.

It is NOT impossible. It is VERY possible. You must do the work! You do not get to what you dream by vidion alone.

I do not consider myself a writer. I take a long time to even come up with a concept for a blog. When I sit down to write a post it is hard for me. It is NOT impossible. Then to do the SEO research and find the right keyword. Ugh. In my mind it is hard to blog.

What is happening in my mind? That slippery place that I try to stay out of. The voice I hear is “It is hard to blog, you are not a writer, you sucked at English in high school.” Hmmmmmm………. If I stayed in that bad neighborhood of my mind I would believe in the word impossible.

It’s what you do in those hard moments that determines the outcome.

Do you buckle down or do you keep going? Do you give up or do you double your efforts?

Learn to embrace the challenge as a normal part of life and accept the setbacks – learn the lessons and don’t give up.

This is the path of miracles.

So, is it hard to blog? Only in our mind!

A long time ago I was on a trip and met a local interesting character. We had a chat and he looked right at me and said, “There ain’t no seatbelt for the mind.” I have never forgotten that. It instantly became a motto for my life. Over the years that saying has transformed for me. Really think about it. I love that a chance meeting has had such a profound impact on my life.

My vision is bigger than any so called perceived obstacle or challenge. It is bigger than learning a new skill set. It is bigger than overcoming my limited beliefs. It is bigger than writing a blog post. So is yours!

You can achieve what ever your believe. Your vision is just on the other side of “hard to blog” . Let’s turn the IMPOSSIBLE into I’M POSSIBLE.

So, is it hard to blog? Well, there ain’t no seatbelt for the mind.

Here’s to your blogging success!

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Deciding On The Best Cheap Golf Clubs

Buying cheap golf clubs especially for the first time golfer can be hard during this time when there are many improvements on the existing golf equipment. Before buying your dream tools, you need some basic understanding of what it entails to achieve that perfect golf game. Being the most exciting outdoor sport, the type of equipment that you use determines the outcome and experience of the sport.

The accessories name to begin with might sound confusing for the beginner but with patience, you come to understand simple terms like putter, driver, and hybrid as well as ball sleeve. When shopping as a golfer, it is advisable to go through the available reviews online before deciding on the how much you want to spend, and the type of club.

Improving your golf skills calls for tools, which will prevent injuries while at the same time give you encouragement to better your ability. With many shapes, sizes and designs of golf clubs available for you to choose, buying the right tool the first time should suit your body shape. You can choose by determining whether yours is a short game or a long one by analyzing your drive ability.

The available styles, sizes and types are carefully designed with you in mind to help improve your golfing ability. Most manufacturers focus on improving either your short game or long game thus providing the choice between iron and wood sets for drive ability improvement. One of the best ways to improve your game and avoid injuries through strains is getting the right cheap golf clubs.

Irrespective of your game level, the price should not hinter you from making the right decision and affordable set of clubs is advisable for beginners. The more experience you gain on the golf course, the more sophisticated your clubs become and you stand a chance of getting the best value buy in golf equipment.

Golfing reviews show that by choosing the right club for your body type, you are able to take control of your golf game. If you take golf as a career, start by purchasing the befitting size from the local sports store. Some stores offer returns if you try their clubs and realize that they are not the right ones for you. You can also get these altered at no extra cost though you need patience during the process.

Through thorough assessment of your golfing ability, it becomes very easy to get the right clubs. Most professional golfers in today’s sporting world started small and through interaction, they have scaled the ranks due to their persistence and you can do the same. Do not rush your decision unless you are sure what you want to buy is the right product for your golfing career.

Want to find out more about golf product reviews, then visit Mark Forge’s site on how to choose the right discount golf clubs deals for your needs.

How To Get Fit For Surfing

One of the great things about running a small business is they usually grow out of a passion, or an avid interest in a topic. In my case, the business was borne out of two. Gold Coast Surfboards was borne out of a passion for surfing and a passion for travel. With the idea that others share these passions, I built a business with the intent of providing them with everything they need, to make their surfing holiday the best they’ve ever had.

One of the great things about this business is I deliver the surfboards myself. This gives me the opportunity to have a brief chat with every surfer coming through the Gold Coast using my services. I really enjoy this part of the business as being a surfer myself, I enjoy the contact with people who have a similar passion to mine. Also, it gives me the opportunity to get into the heads of my clients, so I can understand what their expectations are for their surfing holiday and can continually improve my services based on their desires.

During these chats, the number 1 thing my clients desire is that little bit of additional surfing fitness. This makes sense. Nothing can really prepare you for the rigors of a surfing holiday, other than lots and lots of surfing. No matter how much you surf at home, the chances are you’ll surf more on your holiday for no reason other than the fact that you’ll have more time to play with.

So what is the best way to get that extra bit of fitness for a surfing holiday. I believe there are 3 things you should do. The first two should be part of your healthy lifestyle, the last should be a pre travel booster. Here they are:

The first thing you need to take care of is your general level of endurance. You need to be fit enough to go hard for 10 – 15 minutes minimum, as often this is the minimum paddling requirement for getting through the breakers and out the back.

You need a little more than basic endurance though, you need water endurance. Have a look at the best surfers and swimmers in the world. They glide through the water, seemingly effortlessly. This is because they have a great feel for the water. They know how to move their body so it is moving efficiently. This is so important in the water as we are inately inefficient in what is really an alien environment.

So get in the pool and swim at least twice a week. If you have a break near you, surf at least twice a week. No matter what you do, just make sure you are getting wet twice a week, every week of the year. Your water fitness will just come. It will just be something that develops, you will become more and more familiar with the water environment simply because you are being in it. Don’t make any excuses, go on, get wet.

The second key to surfing fitness is flexibility, balance and core strength. Once again, this is not something you want to leave till the last minute, rather something you want to develop over time as part of your commitment to surfing, health and fitness.

Yoga is the answer here. Yoga is so good for surfing fitness, it is almost as if it was invented purely with the surfer in mind. Not only does yoga help you improve your flexibility, balance and core strength, it also re-aligns and re-balances your body back into its natural and healthy position, away from the imbalanced position which surfing causes.

Also, even the simple act of paddling requires you to over-arch your back, creating a distortion in the development of your back muscles. Yoga sorts all these types of issues out, as well as conditioning your body. My advice, get yourself a surf specific yoga DVD and do it 2 or 3 times a week.

If you take care of the two items above (Ie water fitness and flexibility/core strength) you can give your surfing fitness a real booster by doing a functional training program specific to surfing. The point of functional training is it focuses in on the specific muscle and fitness requirements of a sport (in this case surfing) and trains those muscles in accordance with the needs of the sport.

To embellish a little, we’ve assumed you have a good level of general fitness, reasonable core strength and flexibility, so you are ready to participate in your every day level of surfing. However, in recognising that on the upcoming holiday your body is going to be using your surfing muscles a whole lot more than it usually does, for a short period of time, we give those muscles a fitness boost by performing very specific and related exercises.

I hope this article gives you a few thoughts about how you can train for your next holiday, no matter where it is. Training can be tedious, just focus on the waves you will catch once your fitness goals are achieved though and I’m sure you’ll pull through.

Damian Papworth is the owner of Gold Coast Surfboards, a company that finds services for travelling surfers’ requirements. From board rentals to surfing fitness, they’ll sort it out for you.

The Most effective Spinning Reel For Walleye Fishing

The one particular mechanical product accountable for getting rid of the distance from fish to net. You can wager a spinning reel might be as reliable as your outboard motor. A clean drag suggests you can get no stuttering, skipping, or hooks tearing no cost. A trustworthy bail procedure means you don’t set the hook on a fish only to acquire the line flip the bail open at the worst instant. What’s more, it implies you won’t have to take care of every single forged to make convinced the darn point went down all the way!

Plenty of people associate the rod with feel. But, have you at any time had a manage that will hang up or get stiff areas in it while you cranked your lure in. Looks like a little something has a maintain of the lure isn’t going to it? Super clean easy cranking is a prerequisite for aiding in really feel. Significant quantities of ball bearings make this potential. An additional characteristic to glance for in a good spinning serious is there needs to be no backwards movements of the take care of immediately after you flip or interact the bail shut. Factors need to experience locked and prepared to crank forward. This is the instant anti-reverse function every single salty angler speaks of.

Good spinning reels can even perform perfectly in rain and cold temperature ranges. Granted, all reels may have restrictions whenever you get to the freezing mark and it really is raining. Eventually a good spinning reel might be ergonomically cozy and well balanced for the job at hand. Very long hrs in a boat accomplishing repetitive muscle movements implies we’d like all the comfort and ease we are able to get. Talking of jobs. Lets experience every single specialty activity we use spinning reels for and appear for excellent characteristics and list the most widely utilised designs.

Vertical Jigging reels as a rule are tiny, lightweight items of products. Since vertical jigging rods are brief and lightweight we simply just stability the outfit with the right reel. There isn’t any need to have superior line capacities on a jigging reel. Drags should be quite good and all over again the fast anti-reverse attribute is yet another crucial element to look for in a spinning reel.

Also, stay away from reels with the swift cast lever on them for jigging-Fishermen report on several Shimano reels the drag will never interact until you’ve got turned the cope with 360 levels. This could be a dilemma for dropping to the bottom and closing the bail sorts of displays. Check out this out in the outlets the next time you’re messing close to.

America’s most popular brand of spinning reel employed for jigging is the Shimano mid-priced reels like the Sahara and Stradic. Nonetheless, Pflueger’s President has also identified it is way into numerous a jigging vessel with really good testimonials. You can expect to uncover the similar reel is effective nicely for pitching and live bait rigging. For a casting reel we need to appearance for distinct attributes.

These spinning reels might be beefier. So you’ll be jumping up a size from a jigging reel. The spool diameter and ability might be much larger. This enables line to simply feed off supplying you with very long accurate casts. A substantial diameter spool will also aid relieve wind knots and tangles. The Shimano Stradic 2500 has gotten some press for becoming a good casting reel. On the other hand, for casting compact exceptionally light-weight stickbaits or crankbaits you are going to uncover your jigging reel handles the process very well. Walleye anglers report the lighter in weight line you spooled up with for jigging seriously will help to alleviate resistance on the bait because it flies via the air.

If you are searching to purchase the fishing reel, you will get that most consumers opt for the Shimano Reels. Read everything Shimano Reels here.

Never Late Again With Airport Transfer

Creating certain that a flight is promptly is just fifty percent the battle, producing certain a person will get there promptly for getting on the flight is the other fifty percent. People are already rushing all around to practically skip their flights for years, thanks to no facts about times amongst flights, and transfer techniques. Guaranteeing that both equally are on time makes it possible for every traveler the peace of mind to find out they’re going to make each connection they require, from the bus to the flight. Knowledge how particular directories can continue to keep up like data is intriguing, and a necessity today.

The method in which airport transfer may be shaped also has granted a serving to hand in the way moments have already been recorded to make certain everyone is promptly all around. Transit systems throughout have instances build for decide up and decrease offs, but locating them all in 1 method very same time and anxiety for any traveler.

Compiling the details of times from diverse transit techniques allows for a one stop procuring on periods for any person looking to see what time a certain bus is choosing up, and when it’s in time or late, or running ahead of schedule. Being able to put in a region and also have the moments for closest transits in the space can reward everybody in have to have.

The good element of being able to utilize a system for example this makes certain that if a specified Airport Transfer method is late, or working guiding, a particular person can look to another method to make certain they don’t miss a little something as important as a flight. The technologies behind the system is each innovating and straightforward for everybody to make use of. The info can be found on the world wide web, or delivered in one thing so simple as a text message. Owning the options laid out allows any individual to see why it truly is the best alternative around.

The system lets every person to save time, and funds. It cuts down on tension, and lowers blunders and angry shoppers throughout. It is going to allow everyone to become in the position to have the confidence of airport transfer from now on.

Mauris Korolsi, the author of this article, writes on different subjects, but is now involved with airport transfer. If you would like to know more, please go to our site at airport transfers.

Looking On The Internet For A Golfing Holiday Is Easy

It has to be stated that for individuals thinking about a golfing holiday that the net will probably be an incredibly beneficial tool. This can be really going to produce your life so significantly less difficult with regards to discovering out about not just what is on supply but in addition then checking it out a little a lot more just before you book.

You basically have a couple of options accessible with this and these are to go on arranged package deals or organize every thing by your self. Clearly this second one does take up a lot more of one’s time and requirements more work however the benefit is becoming in a position to actually determine upon which courses to play rather than just becoming told.

By performing all of this on the internet you will be capable of do a lot of research in to the different courses on supply having a trip and for many individuals this really is exactly where they make up their thoughts about which one to take. You might be as a result very best to look at golf websites or message boards and ask if folks have expertise of playing a round there.

Something else you may do whilst there is certainly ask if individuals have some prior experience of going on any of the trips you’ve got managed to come across and what they thought of it all. This is going to then boost your confidence in possibly going ahead and handing over some cash to pay for the entire trip.

You may obviously have to consider the expenses aspect and this may differ based upon the length of trip, the location you’re seeking at visiting as well as the number of rounds you’ll end up playing. An additional factor that will make a difference is the fact that some courses are needless to say a lot more costly than others so place in some cautious thought about your budget just before you get too far in your search.

Should you usually do not feel you’re playing sufficient then there’s the alternative to setup added rounds at other areas nearby but with this you would need to do your own study in to the fees and availability. This then comes down to the quantity of experience you’ve in doing analysis online in order to get the maximum level of data.

So when searching online for the golfing holiday then you ought to discover it’s really easy to do but does require some time and effort from your side of issues. There will likely be several companies providing these packages so check as several out as you possibly can before selecting one and look forward to a couple of rounds inside a new location.

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Saint Croix: One Of The US Virgin Islands

Saint Croix is the largest of the US Virgin Islands although the capital city, Charlotte Amelie, is situated on St Thomas. Saint Croix itself has two towns Frederiksted (pop. 830) and Christiansted (pop. 3,000). The name of the island comes from the original Spanish name given by Christopher Columbus in 1493 – Santa Cruz or ‘Holy Cross’. As Santa Cruz, Saint Croix gets a lot of mention in swashbuckling stories of pirates and buccaneers sailing on the Spanish Main.

The populace before the Europeans arrived was Arawak and Carib and they had probably been there since about 5000 BC. After 1493 the population of the Caribbean became embroiled in a 100 years war with the Spanish and the kind of people living on the island changed forever.

Saint Croix has been owned and therefore chiefly occupied by the Spanish, The British, the French, the Dutch, the Maltese and the Danish all of whom had slaves and plantations

The slaves were manumitted in 1848, but many chose to stay on Saint Croix. Descendants of slaves still live on the island. The total populace of the island is now roughly 60,000.

English is the official language and is the most commonly spoken, although there is also some Spanish, French Creole and Virgin islands Creole, also known as Crucian, which is spoken by most inhabitants in informal situations.

This Hispanic section of the Crucian population is mostly of Puerto Rican lineage. The US bought Vieques from Puerto Rico during the Second World War and evicted its inhabitants. Many moved to St Croix because of its similarity to Vieques. These people have fitted in well, but also kept a few of their old ways. They usually speak a mixture of Spanish and Crucian English in a unique form of Spanglish.

Continental Americans make up about 13% of the population and mostly live on the eastern side of St Croix. Arab Palestinians are also a significant minority owning most of the petrol stations and supermarkets on St Croix. Other recent immigrants have moved from the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the Philippines.

There has been some tension between immigrants and those calling themselves ‘real Crucians’, but it has largely evaporated because of to intermarriage. There have been attempts to define a ‘real Crucian’.

The issue seems to have been sorted out when in 2009, the recommended U.S. Virgin Islands Constitution voted by the Fifth Constitutional Convention laid down three definitions of U.S. Virgin Islanders: “Ancestral Native Virgin Islander”, who have ancestral ties (and their descendants); “Native Virgin Islander”, who were born on the island (and their descendants); and “Virgin Islander”, who are any United States citizen who has lived in the region for five years.

Christianity, in the guise of Protestantism is the main religion, although the Hispanic community is Roman Catholic. There are also small groups of Jews and followers of Rastafari, Islam.

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An Introductory Glance At Asian BeautifulTattoos

The emergence of the art of tattooing in Japan is closely linked with the rise in the power of the working classes and common people in Japan. This came about towards the latter half of 18th century during the Edo period.

The tattoo designs during those times were adapted from the traditional Japanese woodcuts, picture books and water color paintings. The Japanese subjects would undergo immense pain while being tattooed with the final result of having a beautiful piece of art stamped on their body for life. Japanese tattoo art has continued to experience unprecedented success and is a widely practiced art form nowadays.

With the break down of the feudal system nearing the end of the Edo period arose the common people with their own culture. This class of commoners shunned the traditional code of ethics and morality and began to go for anything that they felt was right. Tattoo art thus served as a medium of cultural expression for this new class of people.

In the early years tattoos based on folklores gained preference with the Japanese people. Commonly traditional Japanese tattoo art would depict images of dragons, Chinese lions, giant snakes and other various religious figures. The images of Buddha, the god of fire, the gods of lightening and wind were common. The tattoo artists would make use of sharp needles by which they would insert charcoal ink under the layer of skin.

The tattoo artists of the time were really woodblock artists who had traded their short wood carving blades for longer needles. With the passage of time tattoo art became a highly evolved field with extremely talented tattoo artists. The art form that came into existence through this process is referred to as horimino, which is the traditional Japanese term for tattoo art.

The earliest traces of meetings of tattoo enthusiasts date back to 1830. Tattoo expositions are a common sight today in the West but Japan had been hosting these expositions more than a century and a half ago. This indicates the long and wealthy history that the Japanese art of tattooing has.

Today you will be able to find the collection of tattoo designs that were popular during the Edo, Shohwa and Meiji eras in Japan. The acclaimed book known as Bunshin Hyakushi which was compiled in 1936 consists of the various tattoo designs of the years gone by. Another important book that displays the traditional tattoos of Japan is One Hundred Tattoo Figures and Stories.

The book spans the life and works of some of the most well renowned Japanese tattoo artists of the Edo period. This was a time when the tattoo craze was really taking over the minds and lives of the Japanese people.

The perception of the Japanese with respect to the art of tattooing has changed over time. In the early years the art of tattooing was not thought to be a noble practice. Instead it was something that had a negative connotation associated with it. Today however tattoos are considered as a means of making a fashion statement by people in many countries ofthe world. The conservative Japanese families however still seem to have the same perception.

Japanese style tattoos have many variations. To read more about Japanese tattoo symbols click the link.

Three Health Effects of Living in the Tropics

Would you like to move to the tropics but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea? If so, you have to read this article! Living in the tropics provides numerous health benefits. Here you’ll find three very good health reasons to move to the tropics. However, please keep in mind that all of these reasons are only generalizations – some places are different than other.

1. Healthier air

Most tropical places have less pollution than places with a temperate climate. As a result, they have better air – and your lungs will definitely thank you for it. Long-term health effects of pollution can include lung cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, and even damage to the brain, nerves, liver, or kidney.

People who benefit the most from clean air are elderly people, children and people who suffer from such health problems as asthma, heart disease and respiratory disease. These individuals are very sensitive to pollution. Living in the tropics can greatly improve your children’s health (and yours as well).

2. Reduce your stress levels

Most tropical countries are known for a laid-back atmosphere. People in these countries don’t rush – they know how to enjoy life and live in the present moment. Moving to a country with such a culture can tremendously reduce your stress levels and reduce your risk of many stress-related diseases such as depression, heart disease or high blood pressure.

Moreover, the tropics (especially if you live in a smaller town) are usually more remote and as a result, quieter than big cities in Europe or North America. Places with less noise pollution are better for your hearing, your heart and your sleep. Studies show that noise increases stress levels and annoyance.

3. More physical exercise

When you live in the tropics, you don’t have to worry about winter, snow, low temperatures and short days without sunshine. In the tropics, there’s plenty of sunshine all year round (and temperatures are always high). As a result, there’s no period when you aren’t very active physically (as in the winter in temperate climates), so living in the tropics can help you get in shape!

You should also remember that most tropical places are very sunny all year round. Thanks to this, you have high energy levels all year round, you are happier (depression levels are the highest in the winter) and healthier (thanks to vitamin D).

As you can see, living in the tropics has some serious health advantages over living in a more temperate climate. Visit one of the tropical vacation spots and ask yourself if you can live there. Hopefully this article will help you choose the best place for you!

PS. Hawaii might be a nice place for your new home.

When Sojourning In A Hotel Trier Is Rich In Historical Attractions

South western Germany has many attractive places to visit, and if staying in a Hotel Trier can provide a great location from which to explore the pleasant countryside in this part of the world. Close to the border with Luxembourg, this city is the heart of the Mosel win region. It is also reportedly Germany’s oldest city, with its foundation dating back to 16BC.

The remains of Roman buildings are dotted liberally across the region. One relic is the oldest Roman bridge located north of the Alps still in use for regular traffic purposes. This has the somewhat self-evident name of Roemerbrucke, or, in English, Roman Bridge.

Visitors can see old Roman baths here, as well as one of Trier’s city gates, known as the Porta Nigra, which are evidence of the city’s long association with the Romans. There are also some well-preserved architectural relics of the medieval era in the city, with some important buildings reflecting the area’s long association with Christianity. A church known locally as the Liebfrauenkirche is an early example of the French-Gothic style of church construction in Germany.

Trier Cathedral is an impressive monument to both the religious history of the city and its Roman heritage, with some of its structure dating back to the Roman era in Germany. This building is also the home of the Holy Tunic, a garment which is, according to local tradition, the garment worn by Christ at his death. This holy relic is shown by the church authorities only once every few decades or so though, making it often a once in the lifetime experience to see it.

The presence of both a medieval and an 18th Century treadwheel crane on show in the city, there is also an industrial heritage here. This can also be explored at the Fell Exhibition Slate Mine, known locally as the Besucherbergwerk Fell. This venue is situated about 20 kilometres outside the city itself.

Many museums are also located in the region. For visitors who are drawn to the Roman era of Germany’s history, the Rheinisches Landesmuseum is one of the country’s most important museums of that age. Children might be more interested in the Toy Museum of Trier though.

Of course, enjoying the wines of the Mosel Region is a great way to make a holiday an even more relaxing vacation. This region enjoys a reputation for producing sweet white wines which are relatively low in alcohol content. Germany has 13 wine regions in total; the Mosel is the third largest of these.

when residing in a hotel Trier has many attractions for the visitor interested in history and culture. There is also a whole range of wine to enjoy. With its pleasant countryside, this is one of Germany’s most relaxing regions.

The easy way to find a good Hotel in Trier

Travel fanatics, you can learn all you need to know about the city of Trier and find information about the best Hotel Trieron our site, now.