How to recover your health by changing your perspective

We all have choices in how we choose to see things in this world and in our every day lives. At the end of the day the only thing that is significant is : do our choices serve us or not? Of course how we choose to see things is what makes up our beliefs. All our beliefs are basically collections of choices on how to observe specific things. Our beliefs transform as our experiences change or as we are subjected to new thoughts that influence us to see things differently.

The humorous part of life is that we will defend our beliefs so strongly because to us they are TRUE. And yet a couple of years later, we could let go those stalwartly defended beliefs because they no longer serve us!

If you want a different outcome it follows that often we have to peek at things in a different way so that you can create a different outcome. it is best to go for a point of view that serves you in your desire for wellness. At the end of the day our beliefs are not important as long as they SERVE US and make us FEEL GOOD. So there is never an argument or need for debate about what is correct or wrong.

Incurable Disease is Curable!

What if you didn’t believe in the concept of disease? Labeling something as a ‘disease’ claims that it is wrong. Instead, what if at the time our bodies experience the condition of ill health we choose to see that as perfect. What if there was nothing not right with the experience of ill health. As an alternative if we see it as GIFT how would we feel? If we understand something as wrong we FEEL BAD – if we perceive something as a gift WE FEEL GOOD.

Now why is it imperative to feel good rather than feel awful. Simple : When we feel good our bodies natural healing systems are AT THEIR PEAK. When we feel ghastly, our immune systems are reduced in capacity, our emotional and mental energies are reduced making us feel flat and down and possibly depressed and our mental abilities are dulled. So all in all, it DOES NOT SERVE US in our wish for wellness. And as you are in all probability starting to appreciate – it is important to ONLY do what serves us in our desires for what we desire – in this case wellness.

What might happen if we believe everything is possible? If we believed that all we just need to do is uncover a way to make something possible. So if we examine the word incurable. If we looked at things in a different light we could notice that a person using the word incurable merely says that the person who utilizes that label has not had the desire to discover a solution so they have not looked at and explored different possibilities.

Anything is possible when we know the true nature of who we are as human beings. When we decide to discover our deeper natures we understand that we can do anything we desire, and we can convert the incurable into curable simply through desiring to know more and discover a solution and never give up. Life is a mystery till we choose to unravel it!

A great place to support your healing transition is to spend some time in a natural health centre. There are many natural health centres in the world. The challenge with many of the natural health centres that exist is that they still see disease or illness as bad. When we see illness as a present we can do so much more with it. Subsequently the incurable starts to become curable very fast.

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