Information That Will Help You Build Muscle

No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to gain muscle from one day to the next. It is a goal that requires focus and determination. You need the right information about muscle building, such as what is taught in this article. Remember these tips from professionals and use them during exercise for the best results.

It is always a temptation to work your reps in each set as quickly as you can, but don’t let yourself do it. You’ll get more significant results by performing each exercise slowly. If you struggle to do this, then you might need to use lighter weights. A good goal to aim for is to take five to 10 seconds for each half of the exercise movement, for 20 seconds total per rep.

Make sure that you are eating enough calories in general. Dependent on the quantity of extra muscle you are aiming for, an online calculator can assist you in determining how many extra calories you need to consume. Let these tools help you to design the ideal muscle building diet.

If you wish to build stronger, larger muscles, you must get enough protein in your diet. One of the best ways to get the protein that you need is by utilizing protein shakes and supplements. They are especially beneficial after a workout and also right before going to bed. Consume one a day to build muscle as you lose weight. If you are attempting to increase your overall mass, though, you can have up to three servings of these products per day.

Add a 10-minute stretching period to the beginning of your workout. Adding this warm-up period makes it less likely that you will injure your muscles as a result of your workout. Also, stretching regularly builds up resistance to injury in the long term, which means you won’t have to take weeks off from your workout because you hurt something.

Your exercise routine should be changed on a daily basis. Avoid getting too accustomed to a single schedule. If you always save the same muscle group for last, they will never be fully worked out because you will always be tired at that point. Start your workout periodically with the exercises that you usually save for last, and you will find that you encourage more growth in those areas.

Create a training regimen that suits the goals you want to achieve. Although following a routine might be difficult to continue, this is the best method of building muscles and measuring the progress you’ve made. Expand your routine and alternate exercises as your body becomes more toned.

A post-workout stretch is as important as stretching before you get started. People under the age of 40 should hold stretches for a minimum of 30 seconds. If you are a little older, try to keep your stretch for about a minute total. Following these guidelines will help prevent injuries after muscle-building exercises.

You could consider Creatine as a supplement to help you build muscle if you consider yourself an adult. Creatine boosts muscle building efforts by increasing your energy level. The benefits of creatine in building muscle mass has been known for years. However, high school students should not use this or any other supplement because it can interfere with their body’s natural growth.

You need to be mindful of your caloric intake, if you want to build muscle. There are good calories and bad ones, so it’s important to know which ones promote muscle growth and which ones hinder it. Consuming a poor dietary regimen builds fat instead of muscle.

Make sure that you are consuming the amount of calories that your body needs. There are many calculators available, some even online. They can help you to determine what your intake should be based on your muscle mass goals. Once you have determined your caloric needs, you need to make sure that you increase your levels of carbohydrates and proteins in proportion to get the maximum benefit.

Research your routine to ensure that your exercises are optimal for building muscle mass. There are various kinds of exercises that focus on different things, like muscle building, toning and particular muscle groups. Select the best building techniques and diversify your exercises so you develop all your muscle groups.

Eating meat regularly can help build muscle. You need to supply every pound of muscle you have with at least one gram of protein. This allows your body to store protein, giving your muscles the ability to develop more fully.

Do some plyometric exercises. These exercises let you create fast-twitching muscle fibers that can help build muscle. Plyometrics are similar to ballistic movements since they involve acceleration. For example, plyometric push-ups require you to propel your hands off the floor, pushing your body into the air.

After using these tips to improve your muscle strength and fitness level, you will see an increase in self-esteem. Your new look will give you a better self-esteem and make you healthier. So change your life today!

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Easy Ways On How You Could Get Bigger Muscles

There is a ton of muscle building information out there. You need to learn as much as you can about how your body builds muscle to be able to do it efficiently. The following article will help get you started with some information you should know.

Compound exercises may be the key to maximizing your muscle-building results and getting the most out of your workouts. These exercises work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. For example, bench presses work out your shoulders, triceps and chest all at once.

Creatine should be considered when building muscle. Creatine supplements help people to train for longer periods of time when also consuming proteins. Speak with your doctor about the risks of these kinds of supplements to see if this is something you should be taking.

It is important to include good stretching exercises into your muscle building workout sessions. Stretching benefits your muscle building efforts in more than one way. By stretching, you can avoid unnecessary soreness, and keep up with your visits to the gym. Doing stretches regularly will improve your flexibility, which will help you move more freely during your muscle-building workout.

Drink a protein shake approximately half an hour before starting to lift weights. Your muscles will get fueled up for the workout and you won’t feel too full. This will make your workout more effective. You can mix the powder with skim milk or yogurt.

To increase muscle mass, you must keep an eye on your calorie input. There are good and bad calories, so you must learn which are the healthiest foods for building muscle. Maintaining an unhealthy diet will prevent you from gaining muscle and will likely cause you to be overweight.

Avoid relying on vitamin supplements. The are some supplements which can be an aid in muscle building programs. However, supplements cannot replace good nutrition. They are only intended to supplement what you eat, not replace it. Actually, you should try to keep dietary supplements to a minimum.

Know your limits, and push yourself in an exercise to the point at which you hit that limit. Keep pushing yourself to complete the exercises in a set even if you’re tired. Don’t stop until you literally cannot do any more of the exercise. If you need to, reduce the lengths of your sets as you get tired.

Make sure that your diet is nutritionally sound on days that you are going to lift. Approximately 60 minutes prior to exercising, consume calories. This doesn’t mean you should overeat on workout days; you should, however, eat more on days that you work out than on days that you don’t.

Do cardiovascular exercises regularly. Even though cardiovascular regimens may seem like they won’t help you build muscle, it’s imperative to maintain the health of your heart. Doing twenty minute, moderate intensity cardiovascular workouts three times per week is enough to promote a healthy heart without impacting muscle building.

Complete as many repetitions as you can during your workout. Do fifteen lifts at the minimum with a break of a minute or less in between. The lactic acid in your muscles will continue to flow and as a result, muscle growth will be stimulated. If you do this a couple of times each session, you will see great results.

Eat foods rich in protein before you workout and afterwards if you want to grow muscle. A good measure is to take in 15 grams a half hour before you train and 15 grams after you are done. This is roughly the same amount of protein contained in a glass or two of milk.

If you are attempting to increase muscle mass, eat healthy fats. The healthy types of fats are great for joint lubrication, and are also able to increase testosterone levels. This could mean having healthy muscle gain all throughout your body. Just be careful that you are not consuming any saturated fats; these are bad for the heart, and will not help your body at all.

Plyometric exercises are something you want to do. This type of exercise strengthens the fast-twitch muscle fibers responsible for stimulating muscle growth. Plyometric exercises are a different kind of exercise that rely more on acceleration than strength. When completing plyometric push-ups, for example, you would remove your hands from the floor, pushing your body upward as high as you can.

In order to succeed in anything in life, knowing what tools to use and the proper way to do it is key. It all holds true with muscle building as well. By implementing the advice from this article into your workout, you will be guaranteed to get the body you want.

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Geary’s Body Weight Exercises

For busy people using the excuse that they don’t have time to go to the gym, or for the people who don’t like to sweat, Mike Geary developed a routine for you. His creative approach has been successful for thousands of athletes and blubber-bellied couch potatoes.

One of this biggest drawbacks to exercise is stopping what you are doing and getting to the exercise location: gym, swimming pool, track. If you want to find an alternate exercise program take a look at these suggestions.

If your traditional workout is going to the gym 3-5 times a week and weight training and cardio routines for an hour, you will now be working out for just a couple minutes at a time, several times throughout each day, 5 days/week.

Only bodyweight exercises done for about 2-3 minutes, 6-8 times per day, spread over 8-10 hours each day. If you work a normal office job you will need to find some time during a break to do your program. Don’t be shy about doing a few exercises in your office and having your cube-mates watch you. Actually, some may want to join you when they find out you are losing belly fat!

Some of the exercises that are the best to focus on are: 1) bodyweight squats, 2) pushups 3) forward, reverse, or walking lunges 4) up & down a staircase 5) floor planks 6) floor abs exercises such as lying leg thrusts, ab bicycles 7) one-legged bodyweight Romanian dead lifts

If you work a 9-5 day, I recommend doing your 2-minute workouts every hour, on the hour, with the exception of lunch. For example, you could try 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, and 4 pm. There are many variations of theses exercises so choose six times and stick to your schedule. I do have one caution: start with the one that fits your athletic ability. Don’t prove that you deserve to be on Seal Team 6 when you really belong in the Beer Belly Bombers.

I made up a sample routine for Mon/Wed/Fri: 7 am – 10 pushups/15 bodyweight squats, 10 am – plank holds total of 3 minutes, 12 am – 5 pushups/10 bodyweight squats, 1 pm – plank holds (hold as long as possible in 3 minutes) 3 pm – 8 pushups/12 bodyweight squats 3 pm – plank holds, 5 pm – max pushups/max bodyweight squats in one set.

On Tues/Thurs: 7 am – 6 fwd lunges each leg/6 rev lunges, 10 am – one legged Romanian dead lifts (RDL) 6 each leg/floor abs, 12 am – 3 fwd lunges each leg/3 rev lunges, 1 pm – one legged RDL 3 each leg/floor abs, 2 pm – 5 fwd lunges each leg/5 rev lunges, 3 pm – one legged RDL 10 each leg/floor abs, 5 pm – max fwd lunges each leg/max rev lunges in one set.

Each “micro” workout lasted 2-3 minutes and after a short period of time you will be increasing the number of repetitions for almost every muscle throughout your entire body. Your metabolism will increase and you didn’t even have to break a sweat. There is no excuse for not being able to take a 3 minute break once per hour and do a couple of exercises.

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Make This The Year You Finally Earn Those 6 Pack Abs You’ve Always Wanted

There is no body sculpting goal more universally sought after than the elusive 6 pack abs. One of the few body image ideals pursued by both men and women alike, they are a true badge of accomplishment for those who have managed to secure this grail of the body beautiful.

But how do you manage to build a set of well defined abs? Goodness knows, you have tried a number of times, and invested a lot of time and effort, but the closest you’ve ever come is to trim up a bit. You put in the time at the gym. You’ve downloaded free workout videos. You have done enough leg lifts and crunches that you could barely stand up afterwards. Still, you have never managed a 6 pack or anything close.

## Perseverance

There is no doubt that a set of rock hard 6 pack abs requires a lot of work. They are a lot of work to develop, a lot of work to reveal (through diet), and a lot of work to maintain.

## Mindfulness

When it comes to the exercise needed to develop a 6 pack there is a qualitative as well as a quantitative aspect. It’s not enough to throw yourself into crunches and leg lifts every day. You absolutely must be mindful of what it is you are doing. If you are not paying attention to your form while doing your workouts, not only do you risk hurting yourself, but -more to the point- much of your effort is going to be a complete waste of time. If you want 6 pack abs you have to concentrate on isolating them during the workout. If you are sloppy with your form you will end up scattering all that effort across a number of extraneous muscles.

## Diet is actually as important as exercise

The bad news: 6 pack abs are as much about diet as they are about exercise. Next time you’re in the gym look at the people with the 6 pack abs. They all work out like mad, that’s true. The other thing they all have in common is that they don’t have an extra ounce of body fat between them. In order to show off your abs you need to aggressively strip down your body fat. Abs are tucked away in your core, and if you want to show them off it’s not going to be easy. Now the good news: it could very well be that you already have a great set of abs and all you need to do is pare down your diet to see them.

## You must be patient

As with all fitness related goals it is important not to get discouraged or impatient with the results. Know what it is you need to do. Have faith in your ability to do it. Avoid shortcuts. If you exercise correctly and eat properly you will see those well defined abs eventually.

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Simple Measures To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Now I know you possibly thinking inform me anything new but it still amazes me how several individuals still believe that by just undertaking core distinct workouts this can be going slim down the stomach.

Unfortunately, there exists no finest waist exercise in standard, as it just isn’t probable to spot decrease. Nevertheless, if there were a ideal weight reduction exercising in standard could that be regarded the best waist workout? I believe so. You will find seemingly endless quantities of weight loss exercises, some highly productive and some not a lot.

Probably the most successful exercise for weight-loss is no secret, while it can be relatively new. It is named high intensity interval training or HIIT. The structure of the workout is basic: the exerciser will start by warming up for five minutes. Then he or she will start intervals of high intensity and low intensity.

Get a weighted hula hoop and use it for a complete of 10 minutes everyday. NOTE: You do not need to do ten minutes non-stop… just a complete of ten minutes somehow, someway.

Performing this training on the floor would not bring the stabiliser muscles into play. Begin to move the legs as For those who pedalling a bicycle. Immediately after a bit of practice you will be in a position to do this without your hands resting on the ball, this is a wonderful exercising for your waist.

You can get a really helpful workout with an training ball. You’ll need to concentrate on your balance in the start out as it will take acquiring applied to. A 30 minute television show has about 10 minutes of commercials while a 1 hour television display has about 22 minutes of commercials. Adequate stated, get jumping. Oh yeah, a mini-trampoline is pretty inexpensive, it only fees $25 or so.

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Very Best Technique To Get Flat Tummy

How can you get that flat stomach look and remove huge tummy, pot belly and/or beer belly rapidly? Waist workout will be the important. You need to exercise your Transversus Abdominus muscle. Try to remember that the exercises for a thin waist that you simply will probably be carrying out, will likely be burning a lot of calories. So there may be no need to starve,or chew on sticks of celery all day prolonged.

With a greater waist, sure you will not be that confident in wearing clothes you really want however it doesn’t just fit you any longer. For sure you are going to select to get dark colored clothes to cover those flabby waists, and for sure, you’ve been trying to find the very best gadget in town to minimize waist.

Windshield wipers That is a great waist physical exercise which will be performed without any equipment. You lie on the floor along with your legs straight and at a 90 degree angle. Now, let your legs fall together to one side like a pendulum.

Russian Twist * This training to lower waist is one of the hardest workout routines but can develop strength.Lie on your back on a stability/exercise ball with feet flat on the ground and few inches apart.Hold hands together and move it to sides with each other along with your upper body and hold for 5-10 seconds. Go back on the center and repeat on the other side.

A more productive version of this exercise puts you on all fours in a crawling position. Carry out the exercise as described above except that you are on your hands and feet. By undertaking the two workout routines each and every other day and when combined with a fat loss program and also a suitable eating habits, weight training and cardio workouts, you will get that flat stomach look in no time.

If you have more body fat then you should know about Exercises for love handles. To know about you can view this fat loss tips.

Most Effective Stomach Flattening Exercises

What you realize about waist workout routines is in all probability ALL Wrong. Read this now to get your waist difficulties handled now so you can be proud of your stomach and show the most beneficial you achievable. When you are hunting for some seriously helpful waist workouts for flattening your stomach, right now I have a few of the best.

In reality, there’s no approach to target fat loss from a specific component of your body. It’s possible you’ll start off losing fat from your face or thighs before you see your belly shrink.

Diet program and workouts plays key part in flattening abs. So start by reducing, or if you want dramatic outcomes then remove refined sugars out of your diet. Doing this alone might help you lose fat on your waist promptly. A lot of people consider carbs only makes you fat.

While eating a lot of carbs, in particular overindulging on poor carbs and not obtaining enough physical exercise can make you fat. The truth is your body requirements some carbohydrates. But your body doesn’t will need excess sugar from junk food, soda, and coffee. Which makes your waistline larger!

Protein might help you lose fat by controlling your appetite. If you are not hungry all the time, then you will not go on all out consuming frenzies and gain unwanted calories!

You’ll want to also perform strength training a minimum of twice each and every week. Concentrate on large muscles of the chest, back, and legs. The mixture of cardio and strength training will aid you burn belly fat faster. The abs squeeze is generally you tightening and flexing your abdominal muscles and holding for 15 seconds. Keep repeating for 3-5 minutes every day. This is wonderful for smoothing out your belly to bring out a good feminine definition.

To trim your waist and love handles quickly, don’t make the mistake of investing all of your time on waist exercises. Yes, you nevertheless will need waist workouts to target the really hard to reach regions on the sides of the stomach and core.

When you have more excess fat accumulated in your body especially in the abdomen then you should more know about Exercises for love handles. To know about best exercises for love handles women you can view this fat loss tips.

Stop Undoing Your Ab Building Efforts

We all really want stronger, harder, prettier abdominal muscles. This is the major reason that we commit such large amounts of time exercising and worrying over even the slightest hint of “muffin tops”. Unfortunately, even if you spend several hours a day at the gym endeavoring to keep your body toned and fit there are some habits you probably don’t even think about that could be completely sabotaging your efforts. In this article we will look at the things you do which may make your belly stay flabby. Here are two great informational resources you may want to take a look at Fat Loss 4 Idiots and The Truth Six about Abs.

Do you view a great deal of television? Sure, periodically resting on the sofa and viewing hours of television is just what you need to feel better. It’s likely that you’ve had a hard day, are experiencing high levels of strain and you just need some time to chill out. Still, studies have proven that individuals who sit and watch more than two hours of television each day have a ten percent bigger chance of developing weak muscles in their backs and abdomens. The best way to have the best of both worlds is to exercise in front of the television set. Obviously that is the better plan for people who work out in their own homes.

How often do you permit your anxiety levels reach the breaking point? If you operate in a remarkably stress filled job or your home life is exceedingly stressful, this could be counteracting the work that you put in when you exercise. People that have persistent stress or worry issues tend to pack on extra belly fat. You can help yourself by mastering good relaxation techniques and keeping your stress levels at a minimum. There are some excellent deep breathing strategies that can help you keep your stress levels manageable during the day.

Eating snacks later in the evening might additionally be contributing to your flabby middle, even though you work out each day. Snacking and then heading straight to bed means that your meals are more likely to merely be stored for when you need it. During the night or when we are sleeping our body’s systems slow way down therefore we aren’t as likely to burn off that snack quickly. Try to keep the snacking to a minimum and stop at least a couple of hours before you decide to head to bed.

You will probably hear from a minimum of a few folks that you have to stay away from bread if you want to make sure your abs stay in shape. This is totally up to youstudies have shown both that bread is good for your energy levels (and nourishment if it is whole grain) and studies have also shown that bread is nothing but fat. Ask a family doctor what type of information or assistance is the most relevant to you and the rest of your body.

Keeping our abdominal muscles good calls for more than only working out for an hour every day. It calls for vigilance even when we arent at the health club. Watch your intake of food, when you take it in along with your levels of stress.

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What to Eat to Lose Weight

Is your healthy diet not so healthy? It’s nearly impossible to know exactly what foods you should be consuming without knowing your Metabolic Type. Taking the MT Test will pinpoint exactly which foods will balance your body chemistry. It will also give you a starting point as to the proportions in which you should be consuming these foods. There is no one-size-fits-all diet! Metabolic typing does not require calories counting, weighing foods, or any weird stuff that doesn’t work! It’s all …

The Top Fat Loss Secrets for Flat Six-Pack Abs and a Lean Stomach

an interview by Geovanni Derice with Mike Geary – Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer

GD: Welcome Mike to our 4-ever-Toned Fitness Journal. For those who do not know you, please tell us a few things about yourself and how you can help our readers with their fitness and health.

MG: Thanks for having me, Geo. Well, to go back a little, I have been heavily involved in fitness and sports for about 17 years now, ever since I was a teenager. Being involved in sports in high school got me interested in strength training and conditioning.

At that point, once I started feeling more energetic, getting stronger, and looking better, I was instantly hooked for life. I’m 33 now and still addicted to the way living a healthy and fit lifestyle makes me feel energetic, confident, strong, and youthful on a daily basis.

I decided earlier in my 20’s that I wanted to make the commitment to help other people experience the excitement of being fit and getting in the best shape of their lives, especially since we’ve reached an epidemic of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, etc. That’s why I became a fitness professional. It just gives me so much satisfaction to help others, who have struggled for years to get in good shape, and show them that it can be done, and it can be fun in the process.

I’ve expanded over the years from just reaching local individuals with personal training, into being able to help people all over the globe achieve their fitness goals with the reach of the internet. I only hope that my passion for fitness inspires people to take action and improve how they look and feel for life.

GD: Now Mike, there’s so many things out there as to what works and what does not work… if you had to pick 3 things that work time and time again to get flat lean abs, what would they be?

MG: The first and most important thing to get control of in order to lose your belly fat and get flat abs is cleaning up your diet. Exercise is important, but your diet is king when it comes to losing body fat so that you can see your abs.

There’s so much confusion these days about what a healthy diet that promotes fat loss really is… after all, we are bombarded by conflicting messages in the media about what is healthy and what is not, and you have all of these gimmicky diet books about low carb, low fat, high protein, vegetarian, fasting, atkins, south beach, liquid diets, and hundreds more. There’s so much conflicting info, that the average consumer doesn’t even know where to start when it comes to eating for fat loss.

The second thing that works time and time again, is to focus on the intensity of your workouts and focus on working the body as a whole in order to get the best metabolic response to lose that stubborn stomach fat.

In order to really get lean, the workouts should have a high intensity, with short rest periods, working the largest muscle groups of the body, instead of trying to isolate specific small muscles like the biceps, triceps, or calves.

For the third thing, let’s talk about actually training the abs specifically. When it comes to training the abs, if you want real results, I always recommend forgetting about the crunches and situps for the most part. They are ok for someone that is really deconditioned, but most people that already have some training under their belt need a much better stimulus for their abs than crunches. Crunches are one of the abs exercises that actually provide the least amount of resistance, and remember that resistance is what develops and tones the muscles.

I provide a ton of great abs exercises in my book, but one of THE highest resistance exercises for the abs, is hanging leg raises (but NOT the way you see most people at the gym doing them). The key to doing these and actually working the hell out of your abs is to curl your pelvis up as you raise your legs. Almost nobody ever does this right. To be honest, the majority of people cannot do this at first, but I provide some strategies in my book as to how to progress to doing these correctly.

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GD: What are people doing wrong when it comes to developing the coveted “6 pack abs”?

MG: Well Geo, I know this sounds funny to most people, but the MAIN thing that people are doing wrong to get those flat 6-pack abs is… are you ready for this?

They spend entirely too much time focusing on training their abs! WAY too much time spent on abs exercises. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Remember, having a flat and visible six pack of abs is all about getting down to a low body fat percentage. In order to do that, your workouts must focus on stimulating a fat burning hormonal environment in your body, and increasing your metabolic rate. That just does not happen when you focus too much time training a small muscle group like the abs.

Instead, you must use the majority of your time focusing on training the largest muscle groups of the body like the legs, back, and chest. That’s what stimulates your metabolism and the fat burning hormones that will get you truly lean and sporting a flat sixxer!

GD: Which exercises are the top exercises that people need to do if they are to get maximum defintion with their midsection?

MG: When it comes to developing the abs themselves, I again refer to any kinds of hanging abs exercises, as well as some good floor abs exercises like lying leg thrusts (all described and illustrated in my book).

However, maximum definition in the abs and midsection comes from losing bodyfat, and the most effective exercises featured in my program for that goal are various forms of swings and snatches (unique dumbbell or kettlebell exercises that almost nobody ever does in normal gyms), squats, deadlifts, lunges, step-ups, clean & presses, mountain climbers, sprinting, and other full body exercises and calisthenics. If you want great looking flat abs, focus on those instead of focusing so much on training the abs directly!

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GD: When it comes to diet Mike, people really have tried millions of ways to get one thing… and that is fat loss. What recommendations have you used to successfully help your clients lose body fat and keep it off?

MG: I have included a fully comprehensive discussion of this topic in my book, which accounts for almost half of the book, but I’ll try to make some nice simple generalizations to get people started on the right path immediately. The most important thing is that your diet is as natural and unprocessed as possible. It almost always comes back to the overprocessing of food that makes it unhealthy, and makes it totally wreck your metabolism and hormone balance in your body.

For example, why eat refined grains, when you can eat whole grains (even better are sprouted grains, as I usually recommend limiting grain foods overall for best results).

Why eat refined sugar, when you can get natural sources of sugar from a high nutrient whole food like fruit. Why eat highly processed, refined, and hydrogenated vegetable oils (these are THE worst thing in the modern diet), when you can eat natural sources of healthy fats like nuts, avocados, fish, eggs, coconut milk, organically raised meat, and so forth.

The point is to not fall for some gimmick like extremely low carbs (although I do believe in a fairly reduced carb intake as that is a big problem for most people), low fat, super high protein, or any other combination that has you focusing on one macronutrient vs. another.

Your body needs all macronutrients to thrive and obtain a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. Trying to cut an entire food group out just works against what your body needs. I get into much more detail on this vitally important topic towards losing body fat (especially that stubborn stomach fat) for life in my book.

GD: Thank you very much Mike for sharing with us all of this great information.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this interview and plucked several nuggets of info to get you motivated and started on showing off your flat abs shortly. If you don’t already own a copy, be sure to pick up a copy of Truth about Six Pack Abs book and discover the entire system developed for ridding yourself of that extra ab fat for good!

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