The Social Side Of Your Business

Although most businesses are concerned with making a profit to fuel growth and innovation, the days are gone when that should be the only driver behind an organization’s decisions. Today the public, governmental authorities, stockholders and employees themselves expect an organization to take into account how their actions impact the community that supports them commercially. In many ways, this recognition of social impact has become a business driver itself.

Why Charitable Giving Is Important To Businesses

Donating a portion of your time or income to a charity that is dear to your heart is always an excellent idea. Not only are you helping others, it makes you feel good and sets an example for others to follow. However, when it is just one person giving, the benefits are worthy but small.

Corporate Giving: How It Benefits Everyone

While we certainly encourage the joy and value of giving during holidays and other special times, we often simply talk about giving at a personal level. But corporations can employ the principle that it’s better to give than receive as well.

The Positive Benefits Of Giving

While certainly helping others benefits those who are in need of support, it also has a positive effect on those who give. When employees are participating in a corporate philanthropy project, it improves the overall productivity of your team. This is because when an individual participates in something that is meaningful that is supported by the company, they become more connected to the company. They realize that their value as employees and as people extends beyond their workday tasks.