Deal With Diabetes The Easy Way.

Type 2 diabetes: non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, is a disease that occurs when the body has no problem in insulin production, there is no shortage of insulin in this disease.A healthy individual produces approximately 31 units of insulin each day, a person with Type 2 diabetes may secrete as much as 114 units.

Kidney Stones – What Is Known and Unknown

If you have kidney stones, it’s good to know what caused them and how you can prevent them from coming back. Out of the various types of kidney stones, calcium stones are the variety the greatest number of people suffer from. What follows are a few common causes of kidney stones, as knowing the cause can help you and your doctor come up with the best treatment plan. When it comes to kidney stones, with some people a cause is easily found, while in others it can be harder to detect.

Natuarally Lower Your Cholesterol With These Four Steps

High cholesterol is defined as having total cholesterol of 240 mg/dL and above. More than 16% of Americans have high cholesterol, which is approximately one in every six adults. High cholesterol doubles your risk of heart disease. The average cholesterol level for adult Americans is 200 mg/dL which is borderline high risk. Women in the United States suffer from high cholesterol more so than men.