What are the most common types of clinical negligence claims?

Every year in the UK, millions of men, women and children put their lives in the hands of the medical professionals, whether through the NHS or other private groups. Clinical negligence claims are the compensation patients can claim for when they believe their medical practitioner (from doctors and surgeons to nurses and dentists) has made a mistake. But what are the most common kinds of clinical negligence?

Medical negligence compensation awarded to parents of boy who coughed up tube

In 2007, doctors failed to remove a six-inch PVC breathing tube from a new-born baby, and the error was only discovered when he coughed up the tube more than a week later. The boy’s parents pursued a medical negligence claim, and have now won a 5-figure settlement from Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Medical negligence case pursued by father of amputated girl

At the age of just 10 months old, Miki Lin Gao was admitted to Peterborough District Hospital with septicaemic shock, a bleeding disorder known as coagulopathy, and multiple organ failure. The severity of her condition meant that doctors had to amputate both of her legs. Miki is now 6 years old, and up to 300,000 in medical negligence compensation is being sought by her father, Hou Chun Lin, who has begun legal proceedings against Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

GPs and the rise of no win no fee medical negligence claims against them

When we head to the doctors during an illness or a concern over our health. We automatically put complete faith and trust in the individual before that they will successfully be able to tell us what is wrong with us. That, after all, is their job.

$7.5 million compensation payout in Air Force medical negligence case

In 2008, Guam district court awarded Deborah Rutledge, wife of US Air Force member Master Sgt. Thomas Rutledge, $7.5 million in medical negligence compensation after she made a claim against the family medical clinic at the Andersen Air Base. The US Circuit Court of Appeals in California later upheld the appeal.

1.2 billion: The cost of clinical negligence at the NHS over a 2 year period

The NHS Litigation Authority has released new figures which show that medical blunders have cost the NHS 1.2 billion over the past two years. Nearly half of the damages were paid out for mistakes maternity units, which are clearly overextended. Compensation was also paid for cases where patients lost their lives as a result of negligence, and where children were left with severe disabilities such as brain damage.