Senior Health Care

Getting old sucks! Or at least this is what I’ve heard from family members. My mother laughs about her age these days. She’s now 64 years old and starting to have difficulty getting around. I tell her it’s related to her lack of exercise, but she doesn’t listen. One thing that does become quite important as we age is senior health care. If you don’t have a good health plan, then you could be in for some tough times ahead. You may not have needed it when you were young, but as we age our bodies clearly change. It’s impossible to keep everything as it was at age 20. Are you planning ahead of time?

I must commend both of my parents. They are retired now and living fairly well. Since they each invested in a decent senior health care plan early on, they have no worries regarding medical expenses. To be honest, I hope they can be fully functional until their last day. My 83 year old grandmother is. That’s something to be proud of. There is no way i would ever resort to rest homes. I can’t stand these, and I’ve never even had to stay in one. It’s obvious they’re not fun. Well, unless you have some super senior health care plan that covers the rich ones. I have strolled through one of them, and it’s more like a resort. As for the low budget ones, YUCK! In the past, I used to deliver Chinese food to them all the time. I can’t remember ever going there without some elderly woman thinking I was her son or grand son. It was pretty unsettling to say the least. But that’s not what made them foul. It was the stench of urine every time I walked in the door. Who could actually stick their parent away in one of these? When my parents get too old, they’re coming to live with me. This is the way it should be. Call it the cycle of life.

Don’t disregard or forget about your future. You do plan to retire one day I suspect. When this day arrives, you’ll surely appreciate good senior health care. No one should have to be burdened with medical bills of health affliction costs when they’re old and gray. This is a time for rest, relaxation, and reminiscing. Your life and time finally belong to you.

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