Seduction Secrets – How To Seduce Girls At The Bookstore

Bookstores are one of the most underrated places to meet women. But trust me – it’s a goldmine.

Let’s start by discussing why most men think bookstores are a terrible place for meeting women. The main reason most men think bookstores are terrible for meeting women is that there aren’t many beautiful women to meet.

But don’t let that discourage you. It is bar-none one of the best places to meet women. Here’s why: Women often go to bookstores alone. Moreover, they often go there when they’re new in town and don’t know anyone. This makes it ripe to meet and attract them. Furthermore, you’ll find women just getting out of relationships. Here’s what to do: Find a good book and plant your butt in the relationship, new age, or sexuality section of the bookstore. Don’t look for girls. Just read your book. Attractive women flock these sections.

If you see a woman in the sexuality section she’s there because she’s looking for better sex – jackpot. The fact that she’s reading books on sexuality means that she’s in an aroused state. Maybe say to her, “Shaping up on your techniques?” and smirk. She’ll laugh and then explain to you why she’s there. Congratulations, you’ve started a conversation with a girl in the bookstore.

If you’re trying to meet girls in the new age section, it might help to know a thing or two about astrology. Try to get the title of the book she’s reading. Make a comment. Then ask her, “What’s your sign.”

Whatever she says tell her, “You and I would probably have great sex but we wouldn’t get along because our signs aren’t compatible.”

Most likely, she’ll qualify, “No no… we would get along. Our signs are compatible.” Congratulations. You just flirted with a girl in a bookstore.

Keep it up and sooner than later you’ll have more dates then you know what to do with.

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