Recvoering From Addiciton Made Tougher By Depression That Rehab Centers Also Say Results In Relapses

For people working in rehab centers depression is almost a given when undergoing treatment. One reason addicts are stuck in the addiction is depression and when not handled properly it could trigger relapses in treatments that were unsuccessful.

Certain rehab centers engaged in psychiatric and medical treatment of addiction say the root cause of it all is depression. Antidepressants or psychotropic drugs are often prescribed by such program practitioners to achieve depression management. Medications do not cure depression they just hide the usual addiction symptom and leave the real cause unaddressed. The thing is with the additional drugs given an addict might find it harder to recover from his existing drug use problem.

There might be truth to depression contributing to drug issues however these are just for some addicts and not all of them. With a true drug addict it is the messed up life that is behind the depression. Aside from legal and financial difficulties these people have tense relationships with pals and relatives and cannot manage to stay employed for extended periods. They are displeased with their existence it being so difficult. It therefore becomes clear that for drug addicts to become depressed can be viewed as rational. Those being treated at rehab centers clearly might not benefit from being given further drugs to solve their problem. Lives will not be rectified by a few drugs given to an addict.

Being addicted to drugs can be physically exhausting and be the reason for developing depression. The body is worn out from not getting enough sleep and food plus the chemicals ingested practically every day. Someone who is sluggish usually lacks the energy and his overall health is poor. Loading up on drugs will again not fix the problem here. In receiving adequate sleep as well as eating correctly and including some exercise physical and mental health will be restored faster and all these will benefit a person physically and mentally.

Addicts diagnosed with depression are usually put on medications because it is the easier solution. The counselors in rehab centers opt for giving medications since it requires less time and effort while also contributing to the joy of addicts. There is no question drugs represent the easier route since little time and effort is invested in doing it compared to actually working on the addiction problem and making addicts better in all aspects of their existence.

It takes a while to recover from the addiction largely because addicts get into the process dejected and reluctant to look at what they have become and account for their irresponsible actions. At the end of the process if successfully completed an addict gets to go home cheerier and able to handle life without need for drugs.

Both prescription and over the counter drugs will not have the same effect. Depression accompanying addiction temporarily disappears thanks to the drugs but it always comes back because the true problem was never confronted. When the effects of the medication wear off the depression usually comes back magnified. In making the symptoms that cause addicts uneasiness go away they inadvertently spiral into further addiction and abuse more drugs.

Addicts might get the same effect taking a legal drug as one that is not so being aboveboard does not make it any better. Who can spot where the rehabilitation claimed by rehab centers appears in this situation?

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