Massage Chair Tidings: Omega Prestigio Massage Chair

The Prestigio massage chair by Omega has a very pleasing design. This sleek contemporary massage chair comes with varnished wood armrests. It has a comfortable look about it and has very effective massage therapy. The OM 510 delivers a thoroughly relieving lower back massage. It also comes with a range of other features to enhance your overall relaxation and massage needs.

This massaging recliner has a very warm in a contemporary design. The upholstery is comfortable and it comes with a head and shoulder pillow. This lets you get more comfortable and find the right position to support your body during the massage.

If you’re looking for invigorating and deeply penetrating massage, then this recliner is for you. This recliner packs quite a punch and comes with extra padding. It is not to say that it beats you up but it does thoroughly penetrate through the muscle tissue.

A great way to get trouble spots is with the manual massage techniques of this recliner. These different types of massages allow you to focus it in a given area or region. If you have tightness in the shoulders, you can target it with the kneading massage and have the massage focus just in that one area. This is great for relieving particular areas.

Sometimes you’ll find that you have a particular area you want to concentrate on. The 510 allows you to specify that area and apply a given massage technique. This is a great way to relieve the lower back or stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

Relieve your lower body is with the air massage system of this massage chair. There are a number of air bags located throughout the recliner to massage your lower body. These areas include the feet, calves, thighs and buttocks.

A special reflexology plate is used for the feet. The foot wells of this massage chair contain reflexology plate. These help to stimulate the bottom of the feet which provides for full body invigoration. Meanwhile the air compression massage works its magic on relieving your tired and aching feet.

Find the right position to get your massage with the motorized recline. Simply push a button to recline the chair back and raise the leg rest. This makes it simple and easy to find that perfect position to get your massage treatment.

Most trainers put their athletes through a stretching routine before and after physical exertion. This is important to improve your flexibility and range of motion. This massage chair comes with a knee stretch to gently elongate the soft tissues of the knee. This helps improve the flexibility and range of motion.

You’ll find that this massage chair can meet your long term needs. This massage chair comes with strong and effective massage therapy. It is important to get a massage chair with sufficient strength because you will start to build up a greater resistance to massage through time. You can always make a strong massage chair weaker but you cannot make a weak chair stronger.

The Omega OM-510 massage chair is one of the best in its class. It comes with a simple and easy to use remote and has a variety of techniques for your long-term needs. This is one of the most attractive designs which will complement your home or office. Get daily massage treatments with a Prestigio massage chair.

You will find the best is the OM 510 Massage Chair. This recliner has deep tissue capability and will penetrate deeply to provide relief of pain and discomfort. This sleek design is enhanced by the highly varnished wood armrests. Learn more about Robotic Massage Chairs

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