Lancome Cils Design Double Mascara When Bigger is Greater

A couple of months ago I went into Dillard’s departmental shop to buy my Estee perfume and receive my free presents. The sales lady was extremely efficient and asked me personally if I will be interested in having a Dillard’s American Express card as they were giving $20 in Dillard’s present idea idea certificates with the card. I signed up. When my card arrived my 2 $10 coupons were with it.

Gift certificates in hand I headed for Dillards. I really did not desire clothing thus I headed back to the make up/perfume region. Lancome had a big sign providing a bag of free presents with a $28 buy. I was browsing through the products when an assistant asked me personally if I required help. I told her which I primarily apparel eye shadow and mascara. She showed me personally many around $23. They were either for lengthening or thickening the lashes but not both. I asked her if she had you which did both and she showed me personally the Lancome Cils Design Double Mascara at $35. It’s similar to the famed Lancome definicils mascara. I opened it up and was pleased to see the 2 different shaped brushes which meant it did both. I purchased it and gave her my present idea idea certificates. When my bill comes in from Dillard’s, the $20 will be credited thus I just pay $15, and I was given a free bag of Lancome make up and creams.

The box is much bigger compared to a normal mascara box and is gray with black and silver writing. Upon opening it the mascara is 5 and 3 quarter inches lengthy. The center is black with the silver shrub in the center. On the left side is the first wand/brush. It is black and in silver lettering says “Step 1. Define & Lengthen.” On the right side, which is silver with black lettering is states “Step 2 Custom Design Lash Effect.” It also offers Lancome Paris and also Cils Design Pro on the casing.

Upon opening the black side to use for step 1 the brush looks extremely similar to the average mascara brush. I put my Estee mascara on my left eyelashes and it looked goddess.

Upcoming I took the Lancome brush and went over my right lashes exactly the same method as I had used the Estee product. My lashes looked longer but I did not see a huge difference. I then pulled off the silver end to reveal a extremely short, a bit bent brush. I went over my lashes with it and then spent time in the corners of my eyes which are hard to get at with a regular brush. This was extremely simple to do.

I put my eye glasses on and looked into the mirror. There was no competition. My lashes had been transformed into ‘star mode’. I needed to go even farther as it states on the box which we can give your eye lashes many coats of mascara with the small brush. I went for the false lash effect which they boast about and it worked. My lashes were the blackest, the longest, and certainly the thickest I have ever seen them. I would never pay $35 for a mascara but at $15 I got my monies worth.

My spouse as normal did not see it but when I went dancing my girlfriends immediately asked me personally if I had had a make over. I told them about my new Lancome mascara and showed them the product. They thought it was goddess but just a small too expensive for a beauty product.

I have decided to apparel it the nights I go dancing, to parties, and unique occasions. I actually put it on you eye again to publish this review. I can tell it is my right eye because every thus usually I can almost see the edges of the lashes. Exactly what a strange feeling.

My box has small writing on it which is almost impossible to read. I checked on the Lancome web site and it states:

“Transform your eyes…with a true-false lash effect.

Create designer lashes in just 2 simple procedures!

Step 1. The patented Hi-Pro Stretch Brush immediately lengthens and describes true lashes.

Step 2. The new exclusive Design Pro Mini Comb enhances hard-to-reach outer corner lashes for a beautiful, wide-eyed, false-lash look.”

This product is simple to use and I enjoy the idea of having a mascara wand at each end of the product. Even though it looks twice the scale of the regular mascara it’s light and I do not have issue carrying it in my handbag.

On unique occasions this is my mascara and for everyday apparel I will either use my Almay You Coating which I purchased at a A Discount cost of $1.99 or my samples of Estee Lauder or Lancome.

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