Information Regarding A Herniated Disc And Associated Treatments

People who might often suffer from weakness in their extremities, or have leg and back pain may be experiencing a herniated disc. This can be very painful for the individual. If the pain is very severe, it can even affect the lifestyles of the individuals that deal with it on a day to day basis.

In a normal and healthy back, the discs provide cushion to the bones that are found in the spine. They act as a shock absorber and help to keep the spine in proper alignment and flexibility. However, if a disc is damaged, then it may bulge out of the spine or even begin to break apart. When this happens, it is known as a herniated disc. It is also known under the name of slipping or ruptured disc as well.

As everyone grows older, the discs dry out and are known to become less lubricated than they were before, making the condition more popular with those who are aging. The condition can also be started by an injury. Herniated discs are often caused after a severe back or spine injury. It is noteworthy to mention that if the disc does not press on any of the nerves in your spine, you may not feel any signs of this injury at all.

Numbness or pain is likely caused by a disc that is pressing on a nerve in this case. Tingling or weakness can also be a result of this problem. Because of this, conditions like sciatica are often caused by the condition of herniated discs. An examination should be done to make a full diagnosis and get proper treatment.

A common misconception is that bed rest is a good solution for dealing with a herniated disc. This is actually very harmful to the condition itself. You should rest if the pain is very severe, but if you spend more than two days resting instead of active, it can worsen your problem. The muscles can become weak from lack of activity, so it is best to keep active even if it is by just walking.

Heating treatments can also be a good way to treat inflammation or pain. Other people might find that ice packs and similar cooling treatments give them more relief. Either should be used for only up to fifteen minutes every few hours. Medication is also a possibility for those who have problems with the swelling caused by the disc itself.

Herniated discs cannot necessarily be prevented, but there are precautions that you can take to keep your discs in healthy condition. Try your best to keep proper posture and lift objects safely. Exercising regularly and keeping yourself at a good weight is also recommended to take strain off of your back.

Generally a herniated disc can heal by itself as time passes. This can take anywhere from one to six months. If this doesn’t happen, then surgery may be necessary, but it isn’t a requirement for most individuals at all. It is a good idea to talk with a doctor and find out what will be the best for you in your own experience.

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