Humorous Service With Funny Sermon Illustrations

Pastors are able to keep their congregation attentive by using funny sermon illustrations. They are catchy and will place your scripture in the context you wish to dwell that day. There is no restriction on where they may be used. It is possible to use them at the beginning, in between or at the end. Experts in speech delivery insist that illustrating a homily makes it memorable.

They come in different categories to cover for the needs of each group of faithful. Some are perfect for children, adults, elderly, mothers, fathers, etc. Others can be used across generations and still have the expected impact. It is important for pastors to ensure that they deliver the right illustration to the right people and at the right time. Some are perfect for Christmas while others are fit for Easter.

The topic may vary from one illustration to the other. There is a story of a boy who sat at the door when the dad was returning home in the evening. His head was fallen and the dad could not understand why. In a father-son tone of conversation, the dad asked what was wrong. The boy said to him that he too was fed up with the woman in the house. That would apply during a session for couples to illustrate children relation.

On the witty faithful, a man only appeared in church on Christmas morning. It was tradition for the pastor to welcome everyone to the army of the lord at the door. He noted that the last time this man appeared was the same time a year ago. The man was quick enough to say that he served in the secret service of the same army. That was the justification to why he could not be seen as often as possible.

The mechanical nature of responses given by faithful during services became a matter of concern one morning when the sound system developed a problem. On normal days, the pastor would open with the words, The Lord Be With You. The normal response was, And Also With You. On the fateful morning, this pastor would not begin with the usual opening but would point out that the microphone was faulty. The congregation in their normal mechanical response replied, And Also With You.

On stages in the life of a person, a faithful comes to church during three important stages in life. They are baptism, wedding ceremony and when he is brought during burial. It is evident that people throw water at you on the first day and rice on the second. By the third day, they are too fed up and can only afford dirt.

If you thought preaching was tiresome, try listening to a boring homily. After the Christmas festivities were over, the wife to a pastor told him that she was too tired. The husband could not understand considering that it was him who had to deliver the homily. The wife protested, I had to sit through five boring sermons in two days.

Funny sermon illustrations help pastors to ground the reading of the day in real context. It makes the homily easy to follow and gives the faithful a new twist to the same old reading. This will give fresh meaning to an old verse.

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