How to Lose Weight and Succeed: How to Start Losing Weight

How do I mold my mind to attain success? How do I lose weight? I explore this here. There is No Try: There is No Fail: Good luck!

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  1. omg she inspired me to star losing weight and i just began a new channel here on you tube check it out and wish me luck i just love your videos i love your the way you inspire us to keep going thank you

  2. Your pathetic attempt to be “philosophical” makes me want to punch a baby in the face. Please shut the fuck up…. 😛

  3. wow… one of the best videos on youtube i’ve seen. i could feel your energy through the screen. you really motivated me! thank you!

  4. i just got out of the gym about an hour ago, i only walked at like 4.0 for about 30 mins, and i started thinking like “wow… 30 mins matt come on!” then for some reason in my head i was just like, “HEY its a start man!”

    i guess it relates to the video, just thought id tell you.

  5. You are adorable. Check out my music PLEASE!!!!! You’ll be AMASED!



    ps (just search my name)

  6. You are really pretty. I like ur eye makeup=) Thanks for these awesome weight loss tutorials, very motivating.

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