HOME BICEP WORKOUT!!! How To Build / Gain Muscle Fast pt2

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  1. I was working on my biceps pretty hard and they were feeling pretty hard but idk if I overworked them because they started feeling soft after a while and they stayed soft the rest of the day…
    did I overwork them????

  2. Dang…. I am glad you are doing that in home workout stuff. I have friends that do it. I have been using vastmuscle (.com) in home workouts and have seen the progress I was hoping for. More videos please!

  3. @MrLMAOhaha good question homie, hit the link on the side for that info. i’m not too into “cliff bars”

  4. @Rolpentraldent hahah, normally i delete this kind if comment, bu i will leave this on just so everyone can see how immature some people are. thank you

  5. Yo Carter so heres the deal. Im 15 and have been working out for like 2 years. the last 6 months i started to seriously workout. ive gained muscle size but im starting to plateau. Im starting your program i downloaded it but one question. Im obviously in school and you said for the meals if you cant cook them all just take shakes or meal bars. However i went to go pick up some “meal bars” and all i say were like “cliff bars”. so like what do you consider “meal bars” or what ones do you eat?

  6. hey! how much weight should i carry if i have already done with 8 lbs.? what weight should be next? tnx!! i stand 5’7″ with medium body tnx!

  7. @santoscool845 when i was in high school my doctor told me it what ok to lift wieghts and i did not hurt myself or stunt my groth (6’2). i talked on some of my older videos.

  8. I’m 3 yrs old and can bench 300 lbs. I have 24″ pythons I’m all baby muscle baby! I also take flinstone vitamins for my protein. Thanks Brandon. Everyone needs to stop lying

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