Have You Thrown Years Of Your Life Out The Window? – The 4 Most Useless Fitness Machines In The World Today

If you like the idea of not squandering your energy with moronic exercises that are a complete waste of time and are totally useless, then check out the rest of this page. In it, I will reveal 5 of the most crappy exercises at your local gym. If you’re had it up to here in terms of trying to shed weight or get ripped, then knowing to stay away from these machines will help you stay sane in an insane world. The insane thing is, these exercises seem to normally be the most fashionable ones in the workout center, with many people lining up for blocks to get on them! The next time you’ll be laughing to yourself knowing that you just won’t have to waste your prized time like them anymore. So if you want to become a specimen and watch the flab just fly off then sidestep these Five exercises.

1. The Abdominal Machine

If you are like I used to be, this might possibly be your most-liked workout piece of equipment. Pounding out rep after rep, waiting around to see your rock hard, carved flat abs to surface. You’re gonna be waiting a while. One of the worst common myths in exercise and fat burning is the whole idea of spot reduction. Folks have to get this through their heads: People just can’t laser target specific regions for fat loss! So the entire notion of the abs machine flies out the window. In fact, not only is this equipment a downright waste of time in terms of weight reduction, it’s potentially unsafe. Clinical studies by Doctor Stuart McGill (www.BackFitPro.com), have shown that these kinds of fitness machines are really demanding on your spine. The degree of demand you apply to your spinal vertebrae is perilously elevated. You’ll in many instances see men of all ages flinging big weights on the end of this machine which is a disaster waiting to happen!

2. The Elliptical Machine

But this one is your favorite am I right? Well sorry about that but for any person attempting to really get rid of a whole lot of unwanted weight or to really build up muscle in their core, the elliptical trainer is just too gosh dang easy. While sure I’ll acknowledge that for some, the decreased impact that you are able to get from performing exercises on the elliptical machine is useful, for most people this is a waste of time. And this just may be the most popular exercise equipment in the whole workout center! But the truth is, it’s range of motion is simply too small. The strides you take with an elliptical are extremely short which often can certainly trigger vulnerable hip flexor muscles and weakened glutes. If you’ve exercised on the elliptical exercise machine you know that you aren’t receiving the high intensity work out that you need, don’t you? When you notice a guy updating their Facebook wall with their smart phone as they putt putt around on the elliptical machine, you understand something is off!

3. Ab Rotation Machine

This machine really sets you up for an injury. By positioning your pelvis in a locked position, you are adding too much pressure on the ligaments of the spine which is never a good thing. The whole theory of this seated rotation machine is to slim down your waistline, but again, the spot reduction fantasy pops up. Even though crank out hundreds of rotations on this thing, does not really mean you are going to be able to blast away those love handles. It sucks I know…

4. Abductor/Abductor Machine

This is a bit of an embarrassing apparatus that is supposed to blast away your fatty thighs. The trouble is the range of movement on this style of exercise machine is too restricted and therefore is not going to let you to generate the level of resistance you need to produce much of anything. The only thing you are going to get from using this machine are slightly embarrassed looks from other people. Not surprisingly since, you do appear to be you are getting ready for some form of sexual Olympics using it.

Voila, four exercise machines to absolutely stay away from no matter what next time you go to a fitness center. Don’t waste your time and continue with machines that can provide you with more bang for the buck. Even though it may sound monotonous, if you want to really get rid of fat and remain in good shape merely find the best treadmill you can find and get going.

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