Free E Cigarette A Dangerous Scam

I’ve been using smokeless cigarettes for about two years now. There is no doubt in my mind that they’ve helped me completely give up smoking cigarettes. I’ve also cut down my nicotine use to the lowest possible amount. When I see all of the debate on how it doesn’t work and they are unhealthy, I just disregard it as I realize almost all of this is propaganda.

Lately, I have noticed several “free of charge” e cigarettes being promoted on the internet, in the news paper as well as on TV. How can this be? I realize that anything which sounds too good to be true is usually a con. Well, after doing a bit more investigation, I discovered that no cost E Cigarette offers are one of the greatest ripoffs EVER.

For starters, I don’t want a bunch of e-mail messages and feedback regarding E-Cigs and E Cigs safety etc. That isn’t what this is about. This is related to a huge fraud which will cost you time, unnecessary aggravation and even more importantly your cash. Sometimes big bucks. And here is how the unethical E-smoke vendors operate their game and how to prevent falling victim to the hoax.

The very first clue you are about to end up being fooled will be the phrase “Free” within a smokeless cigarette ad. Everyone should know absolutely nothing is free. Once you sign-up to get the “free” e cig, you’re at the same time subscribed to an automatic ejuice cartridge refill program. Ejuice is nicotine containing liquid used for E Cigs. Often the conditions may vary but the swindle is essentially exactly the same. The company provides you the E Cigarette for free however, you will need to purchase your e-liquid cartridges from their store. The problem is you will end up subscribed to a package where you are repeatedly charged on a monthly basis and the e-liquid cartridges are mailed to you. These cartridges, obviously, turn out to be over priced as well as inferior quality.

So making matters more frustrating, the fraudsters often do not even tell you that you’re going to be re-billed each month at hugely marked up costs as much as ten times the price for a reputable e cigarette cartridge. So why wouldn’t you just simply cancel the subscription in the e liquid program? Well, you can. The catch is you won’t get a refund for the cartridges you have already received and they are not returnable. What’s more, it normally takes between one and 3 months in order to complete the cancellation (kind of convenient for the crooks) which means you might find yourself buying three months of cartridge refills at between $100 and $200 a month. This is literally INSANE.

But these guys are not done with you just yet. The free Electric Cigarette you were given will be the lowest possible quality and will last a regular user 1-2 months before it quits working. Then when you attempt to email the retailer you’ll find your cash as well as the crooks are gone forever. So if you are looking to purchase an Electronic Cigarette, you should not attempt to obtain one totally free. Look for a reputable source and stick with them for all of your refill and replacement items.

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