Exercise is the closest thing to a ‘magic bullet’ for staying healthy, flexible, and maintaining youth. To be in tip top shape, exercise should go together with a proper diet.

Almost 300,000 deaths occur in the United States a year due to inactivity and poor dietary habits. Numerous researches have been conducted on exercise’s influence on a person’s well-being. Reports indicate that for every ten grown-ups, four tell that never do they join in any activities that require being active like exercise, sports and outdoor hobbies during their spare time. The United States of America predicted that health care costs would reach a huge amount of 75 billion dollars in 2000 because of people with inactive lifestyles.

The benefits of regular exercise are improved digestion and elimination, increased endurance and energy levels, promotes lean body mass while burning fat, lowers overall blood cholesterol while increasing the proportion of ‘good’ cholesterol, reduced stress and anxiety which are contributing factors to many illnesses and conditions. Not only is the body kept fit with exercise but also the mind is sharpened, promotes a happy disposition and reduces the feeling of despair as revealed in reviews.Regular exercise balances blood sugar levels to prevent or control diabetes, promotes bone density, reduces the overall risk of cancer, and boosts the immune system.

The published journal of the American Medical Association indicated that an unfit person gets the same risk as smokers do, while he is at more risk than those with high cholesterol, high blood pressure or overweight. The publication also reported that smokers who are relatively fit but suffers high blood pressure and high cholesterol, tend to outlive those who are not smokers who eat healthy but inactive.

In just ten weeks, moderate fitness can be achieved. Exercise can be done in various ways, you can either walk, ride your bike, do garden in your backyard, swim in the pool or yoga. There are an assortment of exercises that deals with different areas of the body. Aerobic exercise uses oxygen in the energy-generating process of the body thereby improving the flow of blood in the system.You can lower your blood pressure and strengthen your heart with just twenty minutes a day of sustained aerobic activity. Range of motion exercises maintains the versatility of the body as it does various movements. Increased bone mass, muscle, tendon and ligament strength and toughness are the benefits of strength training.

Frequent causes for not being able to exercise are there is no time, exercise equipment is expensive or applying for membership in the gym is expensive, if the only option is to do it outdoors, the next problem would be the security especially if there is no one to accompany the person when the exercise is done at nighttime or during a bad weather.

There are ways to manage a good workout routine in your own home and many choices for home exercise equipment to increase the benefits of your workout such as resistant equipment, step machines, floor equipment such as peddlers, balance balls and trainers, weights and yoga items.

Now you decide, either you sit all day and do nothing or get up and rock that body!

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