Does Hypnosis Works?

When we talk about hypnosis we mean working with your subconscious mind which is usually found on the right side of your brain. Whereas the conscious mind is on your left side. If you plan on going through self hypnosis then it is important that you know this.

If we take your conscious mind, it’s the part which is used during the waking day functions in a very critical and also logical way. This part of the brain doesn’t really accept any sort of information till it can first decide if the information which it receives is logical or not. But then the subconscious functions which exist are kind of the opposite. This part of the mind actually accepts every single bit of information you give it without even questioning it.

A lot of people ask about what hypnosis or even self hypnosis feels like and the answer is that it differs from people to people. There isn’t any sensation or even a feeling which is identified with this. Btu then there is a few general feeling which have been told by the people who have witnessed it.

Some poeple say that they feel extremely heavy and that they experience a numb feeling. There are some people who actually say that they feel totally weight less, like a balloon which is floating on air. There are very few people who actually say that they don’t experience anything at all. All they know is that their eyes were closed.

But then the majority of the people say that they experience the time distortion when they are in the trance. They think that they have rested for around 5 minutes where in reality it was a period of 50 minutes. Also when it comes to self hypnosis, usually people don’t understand that they are getting hypnotized till they actually come out of it. They think that they were simply taking a nap.

There is one thing which you must realize and that is that the subject had not been sleeping or even unconscious. Hypnosis just means that the subject enters a deep state of relaxation and it is also the suspension of the faculties which are critical. There is nothing much which is there to it. When you are in this state and this even happens during self hypnosis, all the barriers which are present to your unconscious mind are completely down. Hence the therapist will be able to plant all of the necessary suggestions as well as ideas.

If you plan on going through self hypnosis then you have to tell yourself in the beginning of the practice that you are going to beware of all of the sounds which are present on the street and so on, you are going to be conscious. Also you will find that during the hypnosis process you will be thinking about various other things which have nothing to do with your problems. You will be straying away from your main objective for the hypnosis.

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