Contact Lens Examination

As we all know, contact lenses are the preferred means of vision correction. They are so much better than eyeglasses. Over the years contact lenses have established themselves, and are now used by more than a million people throughout the United States. You should be aware of some things about contact lenses, though.

Before you put your contact lenses in your eyes, you should always inspect them for tears or defects. Sometimes, contact lenses can get tears in their material, resulting in serious problems if you put them in your eyes. Also check for debris or smudges. If the lens is torn, you should immediately discard it and replace it with a fresh contact lens.

It doesn’t matter what type of contact lenses you use, checking them is a must. Your handling can cause scratches sometimes. Using a scratched contact lens can damage your eyes. You could get an infection or even scratch you cornea. The easiest way to prevent this is to examine your contacts before you wear them.

Before you put your contacts in your eyes, simply let them rest on your index finger and look them over. Once you’re through, put it them on you palm to inspect the other side. You should always do this one contact lens at a time, before you plan on wearing them. If you wear contacts, then make inspection a part of your daily routine.

Along with inspecting your contact lenses you’ll need to keep them clean. You can do this by dropping some solution on your palm and gently rubbing your contact around on it. This will help to remove any dirt or debris that you find on the contact, and keep them clean. You might get an eye infection if you don’t clean the lenses regularly.

Contact lenses are convenient eyewear, but you should take care of them. You need to clean and examine both hard and soft contact lenses. Contacts can get torn or damaged rather easily, and the only way to tell is to examine them. You’ll prevent eye damage if you check your contacts for damages before putting them on.

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