Cold Sores: Home Remedies

The herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 is the cause of the viral disease called herpes simplex. Outbreaks of the herpes simplex virus can occur in different areas of the body: Either the face (mostly around the lips) and / or in the genital areas.

One thing that makes the herpes simplex virus especially noteworthy is that the virus can lay dormant in the human body for a very long time. This, in turn, means that one may not be aware that one has been infected by the virus, even though this might be the case.

This article explores home remedies concerning the treatment of herpes outbreaks.

Many home remedies are known for treating herpes right from home, should you have an outbreak. You might find choosing home remedies a good option, given that it can be quite inexpensive and fast. The suggestions for home remedies stated below work particularly well for cold sores.

Home treatment suggestions for cold sores:

Apply coconut oil on the affected area. Because it will surely help in treatment since it has come with properties against the simplex herpes virus.

The herpes simplex viral disease can also be treated if one takes the right nutrients at regular intervals which act against the virus’ problems in human beings. Also, certain foods should be avoided, since they would make the virus’ life easier rather than harder.

For instance: Tomatoes, for example, have properties that are said to help the virus thrive, and you might want to avoid them. Similarly, chocolate, peanuts, and grains appear to be rather harmful. But garlic, on the other hand, is said to have the opposite effect – so eating it regularly might be good for you.

Furthermore, drinking a lot of water is said to have a positive effect. So you might want to give this a try also. However, if none of these tips help you, and you do not find relief from home remedies, I suggest you see go see a doctor.

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