How to Eat Safely Outside the Home and Not Gain an Ounce

One of the hardest parts of maintaining a healthy weight loss program is going out to eat. Eating out represents one of the biggest challenges to the determined dieter. How is anyone supposed to lose weight with the world offering up daily temptations? What is a determined dieter to do—simply lock themselves in their house and never step out for fear of temptation? Clearly, this is not possible. At some point you will have to go out to dinner and face your greatest fear. Perhaps your greatest fear is the dessert cart, or just that greasy burger with basket full of crispy yet fatty French fries. Whatever your poison may be, here are some tips for how to eat safely outside the home and not gain an ounce. It is truly possible!

Give Yourself a Day Off from the Diet Grind

One of the easiest solutions to eating safely outside the home is to designate the occasional dining out day. Make a deal with yourself: you will not eat out more than say, once a week (or longer, if you can bear it!), but when you do go out, you are allowed to eat anything you want. This is an easy way to avoid feeling deprived (and thus more at risk of falling off the diet wagon). By following this dining out system, you can still commune with friends, family and co-workers without having to give up your diet or worry about spoiling your progress. Just remember that if you are going to go with the ‘eat out and enjoy it’ strategy, you have to make sure you are not going to eat out very often. Give your wallet, and your waist, a break, and stay in.

Control Your Own Portion When Dining Out

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Ways To Lose Weight Fast

There are many ways and means by which to lose weight, and most of us have tried one thing or another at some time or another, to lose weight. As we know by now, some of these methods while sounding like the next biggest thing since sliced bread, are nothing but duds, sent to dupe us into trying it out; and some of these methods take too long really to be of any interest to us at all which is why we look into so many ways to lose weight fast.

Most of us feel that we are not at our ideal weight and will try just about anything to try and lose the excess weight we’re carrying. This is why trying to find as many ways to lose weight fast seems to be our goal rather than actually trying to stay on diet or one fitness regime and see it through to the end.

In truth, it is partly this inconsistency in the way that we handle the whole weight loss issue, that leads to our downfall. Because we are most of the time so busy looking for best ways to lose weight fast, we are not looking at the benefits that we are gaining from those weight loss techniques that we are employing now.

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