Food Addiction

Food Addiction: A Craving You Can’t Seem to Control

You may overdose on potato chips or tortilla chips once in a while, but would you consider yourself to be a food addict? The answer is important, because it could be the key to determining what course of action you need to take in order to lose weight. A number of medical experts say that food addiction is just as serious as nicotine or cocaine addiction—and can potentially be just as deadly.

When you suffer from food addiction, you have an overwhelming desire for a particular food. The desire is so strong, in fact, that if you are unable to consume that food, you suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and depression. Food addicts crave the comfort that a particular food gives them. They also may engage in binge eating. Their cravings for food may be both physical and psychological.

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Quit smoking – Mission Impossible and Making it possible

To leave one of your favorite habits is really a very tough thing. Even, cutting up the quantity is also a difficult thing to do. For Instance, after doing your check up, your doctor has advised you to take little amount of sugar in your tea or cut down the amount of salt in your food. Cutting the amount of either salt or sugar is very tough; you will feel as you are going through a torture. Similarly, if the lessening of amount is tough, then completely quitting up your favorite time pass or habit sounds impossible.

One will feel that he has been given a ‘mission impossible’ to accomplish. But, as we all know that smoking is like a poison and its only work is to destroy the person, who is having it with such a delight. The only thing one need is to determine to quit it at any cost. Do not bother about the time you are taking in quitting it. You have already taken the first step towards quitting this habit. If one even determines of quitting it, that means you have already won half of the battle.

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