are dietary supplements necessary for muscle gains in weightlifting?

Do you have to take dietary supplements such as protein shakes, or stuff that gives you extra energy, such as musclemilk, or creatine, or any other type of supplement?

Will supplements help you see better results and help you push harder in the gym because you have more energy?

Or can you just eat a good diet of regular foods.

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I want to lose fat and tone up my muscles without gaining muscle mass, How do i do it?

I am a relatively BIG structured guy, and i have enough muscle to look like a horse but instead i look like a hippo lol, big and strong but has way to much fat! I have enough muscle for right now but i want to focus on getting cut-up and not gain muscle mass with it! So what do i need to do to lose the fat(not the muscle) and tone up the muscles in my whole body?

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