Gym Membership

Perhaps one of the biggest rackets going is the gym membership. This is probably one of the most purchased yet underused things in the world, other than at home exercise machines, that is. It would seem that many have the best intentions in the world of having time to exercise for all that good that it can do, but so many also lack the will to get up and get moving. If you have a membership, make sure you put it to good use instead of paying for something you never use.

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Is Body Building Dangerous?

Is Body Building a Dangerous Sport?

Body building is widely practiced by men and women all over the globe. The most common cause for pursuing this sport is achieving a better-defined body and appearance. However, very few stop to take into consideration the risks involved in body building.

The Risks of Extreme Sports

Body building is, in a way, an extreme sport. Those who practice it often overdo the growth of their muscles in order to be the best and win a competition or title.

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