Calcium Supplements May Provoke Heart Attack

Today a lot of different things that we are taking throughout the day are being called into some questions for having some type of risk to the well being and health. It seems that the top of this list is dietary supplements that a lot of people are taking for different health conditions that they traditionally experience on everyday basis. In the case of elderly people, especially older women, one of the most common supplements to take is calcium supplements. it was considered that because of the increase risk of bone loss, women who at a risk had to take calcium supplements as a preventive measure. However, it has its own risks.

Recent clinical studies have shown that taking these calcium supplements could be putting your health in greater danger from heart attacks. Of course, this is not what millions of women want to hear, but researchers have found that those taking the calcium supplements as opposed to taking a placebo during the study had a 30% greater risk of having a heart attack. Even if they indicate that this is but a slight risk, 30% is still quite a large number in the grand scheme of things.

However, you do not have to go and throw away all your supplements. Instead of this it is better to consult your doctor first to see whether that is the course of action that he or she would prescribe for you. Quite interesting fact that comes out of this study is the realization that we are being told that this calcium supplement does quite little in terms of helping people who are taking it. Taking it in a pill form does not make a measurable difference in accordance with these researchers and doctors.

You do not have to take this report to the extreme though. For sure, there are some other reports telling you that calcium is bad. However, it is also a wrong statement. Instead, calcium is a good for human body. The only thing researchers have to tell you is that we have to strive to get beneficial calcium from the food intake from the dairy products and green leafy vegetables. Here the main problem is not with calcium itself, but with more concentrated forms of it that are delivered in your capsules and pills. Pill and capsule forms get easily into the bloodstream unlike the food based forms that breakdown in the stomach. As it is well known, plaque could be built on the arteries and calcium in that form could be detrimental.

And thus it is better to contact your doctor if you are on these supplements and get their thoughts on whether you require it in that form or not.

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