Overview Of An Orthodontist London

A number of people with low self esteem are found to have difficulties with their smile. This may be due to missing or crooked teeth. Sometimes a person will hide their mouth when speaking or smiling. Other people believe they would just look much better with straight teeth. An orthodontist London will be happy to discuss your concerns and outline the choices available to you to improve your smile.

The Process Of Fitting Dental Veneers Explained

As with any dental treatment, the first step when you are planning to have veneers fitted is to go for an initial consultation with the dentist so that they understand what your needs and concerns are. At this consultation the dentist will explain the procedure and give you some indication of cost.

Invisible Braces And The Perfect Smile Makeover

Dentists these days offer much more to help improve smiles than fillings and extractions. Cosmetic dentistry is now as popular as ever and if you would like to give your smile a boost then there are plenty of options available. From fairly quick treatments like tooth whitening to the more advanced teeth straightening treatments there are solutions to practically every dental problem.