An Overview Of Medical Equipment And Supplies

Soma Technology, Inc., founded in 1992 boasts that is the market leader in the new and refurbished medical industry and are specialists in outfitting entire healthcare facilities with high quality equipment at affordable prices – and in addition to new medical equipment, is able to offer significant savings up to 60% by offering a wide variety of refurbished medical equipment. Here you can compare prices and products from different manufacturers all in one place. Customers do not have to shop around that much and they can save a lot of time and money like that.

One bio-resonance treatment can make people stop smoking immediately. The company Sensitivity Imago has come up with ground-breaking technology, by producing excellent results with helping people to stop smoking. This treatment has no side effects and is very safe and natural. It is a gentle, computer-controlled oscillation therapy and is the easiest and most natural way to give up smoking.

How it works is that the body emits different electromagnetic oscillations; cells, tissues, and organs each have their specific oscillations. The disturbing electromagnetic oscillation patterns of a smoker are transferred to the Sensitivity Imago device via headphones, hand electrodes, scanner. Healing therapy is sent to a person when the oscillations in the device are changed. This treatment will help you breath a lot better.

Bio-resonance therapy helps to detoxify the body from nicotine and other toxins and take away cravings associated with smoking. No electrical charges are sent to the body whatsoever. Only the body’s vibrations are used to balance and self-regulate the body. As part of the therapy, you need to bring the last cigarette that you will smoke.

A question most hospitals are often faced with when a new piece of equipment has to be purchased is whether it should be new or used. Asking a question like this can be tricky as there are a lot of factors to take into consideration like for instance the cost of the equipment.

The following are some of the advantages or benefits of buying new equipment. New durable medical equipment usually comes with an equipment manufacturer warranty (OEM), which is a promise of compensation from the manufacturer for any damages or defects in the normal conditions of use.

Medical equipment which has been used and has been refurbished usually comes with a limited time warranty offered by dealers. damages are not always fully covered by the warranty.

Advantages and benefits comes with new and used equipment after sale services. All investigations of the technical information are managed directly by the original manufacturer of the device, or in conjunction with the equipment dealer.

The manufacturer has excellently trained technical staff to assist you in everything you need. On the flip side of this, used medical device users may have to contact the distributor of the product without the expertise and experience necessary in resolving problems.

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