Hemorrhoids – Signs, Symptoms And Trigger Causes

The symptoms of Hemorrhoids are always differently from person to person In most cases, this problem can be treated with home remedies and over the counter medications. Nearly half the adult population will at some point of their lives be afflicted by Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid Pain can be excruciating not to mention embarrassing. Internal hemorrhoids that are not prolapsed are usually not painful. Prolapsed hemorrhoids often cause pain, discomfort, and anal itching. These swollen blood vessels have very thin walls thus they swell easily. When you strain during defecation, the vessels burst releasing bright red arterial blood. It is best that you refer any form of bleeding to the doctor before you confirm the episode as hemorrhoidal in nature because bleeding from other source of diseases can also be masked by bleeding, these include infection and cancer.

Hemorrhoids which occur during Pregnancy are quite common and it regularly appears in the third trimester. The causes for hemorrhoids before and after childbirth are related to a couple of factors. This is probably due to pressure effects of the baby lying above the rectum and anus, and the affect that the change in hormones during pregnancy can have on the veins. The very process of carrying a growing baby and the act of delivery force blood veins to swell. It’s normal that a pregnant woman will acquire an additional two pounds of weight from just the increased blood supply. This added blood can raise the body’s overall blood pressure. Also, during pregnancy the overall volume of circulating blood increases from twenty to forty percent.
With the hemorrhoid condition, it’s most important to get a thorough understanding of causes, symptoms, and treatment options. When you first begin noticing signs of hemorrhoids, you can try to manage it yourself. Very often, by improving your diet, drinking more water, getting more exercise and using an over the counter medication to control the pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids, the condition will disappear on its own. If these lifestyle changes are effective at controlling your symptoms, then making them permanent will help prevent the hemorrhoids from recurring in the future. Your doctor may prescribe a stronger medication if these changes aren’t enough by themselves.

Pain and discomfort are only one symptom of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids aren’t usually a long term problem fortunately. Make an appointment with your physcian if your symptoms worsen or are lasting too long. It may be that you are one of the unlucky few who require a different treatment method. Not every case will present with the symptoms we’ve discussed here, yours could be different.Hemorrhoids are a very uncomfortable and painful condition that plenty of people have for many years. See also this website: Hemorrhoids Treatments

Information About Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

The ovaries are two small almond sized/shaped organs of the female reproductive system. They are located, one on each side, of the uterus. They serve an important part in fertility as they hold the ova until maturation occurs when they are dispelled through menstruation once a month in the childbearing years or conception occurs. Fluid-filled cysts may develop that grow within or on the surface of these organs as addressed about the symptoms of ruptured ovarian cysts.

It is not uncommon for women to develop cysts on ovaries. The majority are benign, painless and resolve without intervention in a few months.

Definitive signs are not necessarily present in cystic ovaries. It is important that women have regular check-ups with an OB/GYN to establish normal baselines for preventative care and maintaining reproductive health.

Ovarian cysts that have ruptured will likely produce warning symptoms. It is important to address concerns with your physician as these symptoms can signal serious conditions that require immediate attention as in endometriosis, PID, ectopic pregnancy or ovarian cancer. It is possible for an ovarian cyst to mimic abdominal emergencies like appendicitis and diverticulitis.

Some defining symptoms that occur with a ruptured cyst on an ovary are changes in your cycle, pain in the lower abdominal area accompanied by a dull, fluid-oscillation, discomfort prior to at after your period, pain with sex, pressure and pain during defecation, fullness in abdomen, nausea, vomiting, tenderness in breasts, and incomplete voiding during urination. When cysts become very large, there will be significant low abdominal pain with swelling and protrusion of the umbilicus. A mass may exist that can be palpated.

The differentials denoting any mass can only be qualified by a physician. Any abnormal growth in the body is a serious matter requiring medical attention. The presence of a large, mass on or in the ovary will present with movable, smooth and rounded features that are similar to a full bladder. The mass or masses may be in conjunction with slight pelvic pain, low back discomfort and disrupted menstruation. Only a physician is capable of assessing a mass that has progressed to rupture through evaluation of tenderness, enlargement of abdomen, and status of the abdomen.

Pain is qualified in three dimensions for diagnosis when similar symptoms present in multiple conditions. The three dimensions are visceral, parietal, and referred. A ruptured ovarian cyst describes “groin” pain viscerally, with the actual perceived parietal pain as over the site of the cyst, and the referred pain felt at the inner thighs.

Rupture of a cyst may include hemorrhage into the site resulting in significant pain and tenderness. Pain will be sharp and severe upon sudden movement in standing or stooping. If allowed to progress, the pain becomes dull and more generalized in location. Low-grade temperature, nausea and vomiting are mild. If patient develops a high fever with nausea and vomiting becoming severe, there is the potential of a grave medical condition known as peritonitis.

The hallmark signs delineating an abdominal emergency are sudden, excruciating pain in the abdomen or pelvic area accompanied by fever and vomiting. If the patient goes into shock, with cold, sweaty skin, faints or feels lightheaded with rapid breathing, immediate medical attention is critical.

Why Some Indoor Tanning Lotions Tingle

If you’ve ever used an indoor tanning lotion you know that it can sometimes produce a tingling sensation on your skin. The tingling isn’t exactly painful and is rarely even uncomfortable. However, many people are afraid of this tingling sensation. They worry that the tingling means that something is going on with the skin that isn’t quite healthy. As a result, a frequently asked question in tanning salons is ‘Why do some indoor tanning lotions tingle?’ Salons which are staffed with knowledgeable people will always have the answer. But for those that don’t already know, the tingling is related to the process that happens when indoor tanning lotions are activated by the rays of the tanning booth.

Basically, the way that indoor tanning lotions work is to stimulate the production of melanin in the body. The purpose of this is to increase the effects of the UV rays that you expose yourself to in a tanning booth.

This is why you can get a tan more quickly indoors than outdoors. There are different ways that tanning lotion stimulate melanin production. One of these is by making use of chemicals which cause the blood to flow to the skin more quickly than normal, moving the melanin to the skin. You know that feeling when your foot falls asleep and then the blood rushes back into it and it tingles? It’s more or less the same idea, except that you have increased blood flow instead of blood returning to the body after levels decreased.

So why do some lotions tingle more than others? You might have even used lotions that don’t tingle at all, and that’s probably because the method of increasing melanin is different in those products. Although many indoor tanning lotions use the stimulation of blood flow to achieve this effect, there are other ways of doing it. Some indoor tanning lotion simply have melanin as an ingredient. These may produce little or no tingling effect. Additionally, how much of a tingling sensation you’ll feel depends on your own body chemistry. The amount of increased blood flow and your own ability to notice nerve sensation can affect how much tingling you may feel when applying indoor tanning lotions. Beginner tanners should approach tingle lotions with care until they have been tried on a small area with no bad reaction.

The other question that people have in relation to the tingling sensation produced by indoor tanning lotions is whether or not this sensation is an indication that something unsafe is going on with the body. There are no definitive answers to this question although the general consensus in the industry is that there is nothing unsafe about the tingling sensation. Just as there is nothing unsafe associated with the tingling that you feel when blood flow returns to a foot that has fallen asleep due to poor circulation, you are not doing anything to the body with indoor tanning lotions that the body is unequipped to handle.

Some people do disagree that the tingling sensation is safe. Others don’t care one way or another about whether it’s safe or not. Some tanners just don’t like the feeling of the tingling that comes from indoor tanning lotions. There are plenty of products on the market and you should be able to find a suitable indoor tanning lotion which will not cause your skin to tingle from use. Work with your salon professionals to find the right tanning lotions for your skin type.

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Why You Should Pick A Bronzing Lotion

A good quality bronzing tanning lotion can be used to hasten the tanning process and deepen a base tan.

With the selection of indoor tanning lotion available today, there is no reason not to keep your golden tan all year round. But unless you’re very knowledgable about tanning lotions, it’s easy to get confused by the variety of products in the market place. Bronzer lotions are a good lotion to investigate.

Bronzer tanning lotions are all different from each other and each lotion has its own unique blends of vitamins, bronzing agents, fragrances, and sun protection. Here are a few points that you should consider when picking a bronzer lotion.

– Smell – Pick a lotion that you like the smell of.
– Consistency – Some lotions come out of the bottle thick like syrup. This makes them hard to spread on your skin and ultimately cause your tan to look somewhat streaky. Find the right consistency, not too thick and not too thin.

When used as an accelerator, the lotion will generate a darker tan in a shorter period of time. This is a safer method than tanning outdoors in direct sunlight. It will lessen the exposure to harmful UV rays and reduces the risk of skin damage. An accelerating bronzer produces results within a few hours of application.

A bronzing lotion that is used to intensify an existing tan will create a darker look in just one application. Unlike a regular tanning lotion, a bronzer magnifies a base tan and gives the skin an extra layer of color.

Each bronzer designer lotion is formulated differently, and each lotion works in a different way. Some lotions are considered cosmetic bronzers, because they only color the surface of the skin. These self tanners actually dye the skin and will wash off quicker than accelerator lotions. Other bronzers will color the skin chemically and these last longer than self tanners. These bronzers may be mixed with ordinary tanning lotions or accelerators. Some lotions might have ingredients that cause a slight tingling sensation on the skin. These are called tingle lotions and should not be used by beginner tanners as the sensation might be alarming to someone who is not used to it.

A common ingredient in many bronzers is dihydroxyacetone, or DHA. When DHA touches the skin, a chemical reaction occurs and the skin turns bronze. Several applications of bronzing lotion will deepen the effect and produce a richer, darker result.

It is important to apply a bronzing lotion uniformly. Many lotions produce an orange tint on the skin if they are applied unevenly and some will even streak. Self tanners can take up to eight hours to penetrate the skin, so it is essential to wait the suggested amount of time between applications.
A bronzing tanning lotion may also be used as a quick fix or part of a continuous tanning regimen. A good quality bronzing lotion will give the skin a warming bronze glow and create an exotic, sun kissed look. The use of a good moisturizer is recommended as paart of your after tanning routine.

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Which Indoor Tanning Lotion Are Best

Indoor tanning lotion when used with a tanning bed is a great way of obtaining a glowing healthy tan. These days all year round a person can keep their skin tanned without the harmful exposure of the sun. You do not have to use a tanning lotion for a tanning bed but it is by far the smarter choice. There are many high quality lotions on the market now and it is advisable that every tanner should investigate them and use them.

You may need to tan quickly for an upcoming event or occasion. Bronzer lotions will give you a deep darker tan and will usually work the quickest. Bronzers have extra ingredients that speed up the time it usually takes to acquire a dark tan. You will see obvious changes by week two when tanning with a bronzer lotion.

All indoor tanning lotions come with directions and you should be sure to follow them especially as far as putting on your is concerned otherwise you will find that you develop a streaky tan. This is because of incorrect application. You will find many different lotions for those who are experienced in tanning. Since the indoor lotions come without sun block, you may have the sensation of being in the sun.

They should not be used outdoors as they contain no SPF and might cause you to burn. Some lotions tingle and these are called sizzle lotions. Sizzle lotions feel hot and will cause redness on untanned skin. These are often proclaimed as the best tanning lotion products since the tingle is a reaction that helps darken the skin. Beginner tanners along with those with pale skin should not use this type of lotion as the sensation might be very uncomfortable for them.

Many lotions are not made to use on the face. Take note of this when picking your lotion. There are lotions available which have been specifically designed for faces and also those that are made for use on legs to tan them better. A cooling agent has been added to some lotions giving the sensation of a breeze moving by. This can help relieve the heat felt in a tanning bed.

A tanning bed is in a controlled environment and your sessions should last between ten and thirty minutes. After a time of between seven and ten sessions, your tan should be complete. When you are as dark as you want to be, once a week should be enough to maintain your tan year round. The factors depend on your skin type. Obviously a paler skin will need a longer time to darken whereas someone with a dark skin will tan easier. Either tanner should be sure to use a good quality lotion.

Indoor tanning lotions are not the same as outdoor lotions. You cannot use outdoor lotion for indoor tanning beds and get results. Also, the ingredients in outdoor lotion will damage the acrylics of the tanning bed. So be sure you know which designer lotion you need before buying.

Use only products that are formulated as indoor tanning lotions and be sure to read the instructions on the labels. Consult your doctor if you are using medications. It is also a good idea to talk to the staff at your salon about any medications you might be taking. Remember to moisturize after tanning to make sure that your skin stays hydrated and supple.

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Various Veggies To Reduce Weight

All foods need to be taken into account when trying to drop excess body fat. An excellent item concerning food items that assist with weight loss is these foods supply additional medical health benefits too. So, which food products consumed in a weight loss diet plan help in weight reduction and supply additional medical health advantages?

The best food product that helps with decreasing pounds plus furnishes additional health related advantages is vegetables. Vegetables provide valuable nutriments needed to lose excess fat. A healthy eating plan incorporates eating five or six servings of vegetables daily.

Some vegetables consist of mushrooms, carrots and asparagus. Above and beyond being rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, carrots, asparagus and mushrooms are minimal in food calories. A cupful of raw mushrooms provides around fifteen calories. A single cup of uncooked carrots contains less than forty food calories. One cupful of steamed asparagus provides approximately thirty-five calories.

In addition to aiding with getting rid of unwanted pounds asparagus, carrots and mushrooms have compounds that can help to suppress cancers. Within America, one in four deaths are attributable to cancer. Cancer is probably the most complex and feared health conditions identified. There are in excess of one hundred fifty variations of cancer which can develop in any area in a body. Consequently, consuming foods that assist with decreasing extra body weight in addition to suppressing cancer cells such as asparagus, carrots and mushrooms will be extremely important.

A great method to include carrots, asparagus and mushrooms into eating habits is putting these vegetables in soups, scrambled eggs and pizzas. Mushrooms and carrots are delicious uncooked as well. Plus, more antioxidants, minerals and vitamins stay in the food the less they are cooked.

More vegetables to include in a proper weight loss diet plan will be lettuce, tomatoes and avocados. Lettuce, tomatoes and avocados are abundant with fiber. Consuming food products high in fiber fills a person’s stomach faster. Consequently, fewer foods are consumed and that helps with removing excess body fat.

In addition to helping in reducing unwanted body fat dietary fiber provided in lettuce, tomatoes and avocados assists to lower cholesterol. Also, food products full of fiber help decrease risk for colon cancer, diverticular disease and hemorrhoids. Consequently, eating foods rich in fiber for instance tomatoes, avocados and lettuce is so beneficial.

A fantastic way of including avocados, tomatoes and lettuce in eating habits is including these veggies in sandwiches and salads. Adding vegetables to meals not only assists in eliminating pounds as well as provides medical health rewards but in addition can make those dishes more scrumptious. Consequently, consuming different vegetables whenever utilizing an effective weight loss diet plan will be very useful for eliminating extra body fat as well as supplying other health rewards.

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What Does Bronzing Indoor Lotion Mean?

These days you will find many different types of bronzers which all work in very different ways. The good thing is that all of them are safe and work superbly in darkening your skin. Additionally, even though you have to be carefull when applying tanning lotion, you will find that bronzers are very easy to use, whether you are a pro tanner or a novice with is still experimenting with tanning lotions.

Bronzers come in many types, with some either containing a natural pigment or DHA (dihydroxyacetone). DHA is naturally an amino acid that is found in sugar cane. It is approved in the United States for use as a safe and effective darkener. Likewise, natural pigments have never been harmful. The two types work together at the top peripheral layer of the skin so that they can deepen the color. While natural pigments are known to tint the skin, DHA brings about chemical reactions changing the color to a darker hue once exposed to skin protein.

The bronzers contained in tanning lotion are known to amplify tans by darkening them. They are designed to give you a darker tan after a very short time with less exposure to rays of the sun. When the skin is exposed less to sunlight, there is a smaller risk of cancer that comes from the sun. The bronzers have a specific type of sun protection, as much as they might be lower in blocking UVA and UVB sun rays.

Furthermore there are no visible risks to health associated with them but it is necessary to apply lotion carefully. A sloppy or uneven application could bring about an uneven tan or some disturbing streaky color. They also discolor clothes and you should be aware that they might very well leave stains on any type of fabric that they come in contact with prior to washing it clean. If you wear dark clothes and avoid over application of the product, it will reduce a likelihood of ruining your clothes with bronzers.Try to wait until you get to the salon before applying this lotion.

The bronzer stays on the skin for a couple of hours after application. This is the reason they continue working to darken your skin for up to about eight hours once the application has been done and even after you have tanned. Do a thorough wash of your hands after you have applied a lotion with bronzer, so that you don’t turn your palms orange.

A lenghty exposure to UVB and UVA rays is considered dangerous. It is one of the risk factors for the cancer of the skin, mostly once exposed frequently and for a long time. Tanning with the use of a bronzer will help darken your skin faster and thus limit time in the sun; however any sun exposure from tanning could cause an extensive damage. This is why you should apply a moisturizer afterwards and preferably use a lotion that contains one as well. There are many good quality moisturizers available now for you to choose from.

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Why Indoor Tanning Lotion Is Necessary

Every tanner wants to keep that shimmering glow on their skin. The worst thing about winter is the thought of losing your tan completely. To many tanners it is very important that they keep their beautiful tan all year round. We have all heard that tanning can be dangerous and skin cancer causing, but if you educate yourself on skin care and which indoor tanning lotion to use you can prevent damage to your skin while maintaining your healthy glow.

Every winter and spring millions of people flock to their nearest tanning salon in hopes of trying to hold onto the summer tan they worked so diligently on during the year. As we all know our skin looks better with a healthy tan, it’s more attractive and becoming to the opposite sex and that is one of the reasons people tan and also take tanning so seriously. Tanning lotions are what separate the smart tanner from the stupid tanner.

You simply cannot afford to neglect your skin by not investing in a good indoor tanning lotion to supplement your trip to the tanning bed.

Here are a few great tanning lotions that produce a nice dark tan:

‘Black 20X Bronzer’ by Designer Skin. Great for advanced tanners.

Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion – Leaves skin smooth and locks in moisture
20X Bronzing Body Silk – 20 unique blends used to darken your skin
Suitable for all skin types as this lotion does not contain any tingle – check out my review to learn more about tingle tanning lotions
Refreshing citrus scent – Aromatherapy can be very relaxing.

‘Cypher’ by California Tan. Bronzer Step 2 Maximizer. Another great lotion suitable for all types of tanners.

Moisturizes Skin – This allows for the skin to tan easier (dry skin does not tan)
The bronzers produce a quick and long lasting tan only a few hours after tanning – Good for people who want to see instant results from their tanning
Silicone formula leaves skin feeling silky smooth – Keeps your skin moist after tanning
Zesty Lime Verbena Fragrance – I enjoy the lime scent and it’s not overpowering.

’14 Karat Gold’ by Designer Skin. This is a great lotion and comes highly recommended by tanners.

Ultra Advanced 14 Bronzing Blend – 14 specially designed blends to give you dark skin
Fade Defying TM Formula – Allows the color to stay longer and penetrate deeper into your skin
SunStay Technology Formula – Allows the UV light to penetrate deeper into your skin
Exotic Fruits and Fig Fragrance – Gives the lotion it’s distinct smell (I think it smells like pineapple)

There are many reasons why indoor tanning lotion is essential to healthy skin. First and foremost is skin damage as a result of UV rays. We all know how damaging the sun and gamma rays can be on the skin and the best way to prevent the damage of vital cells and advanced aging is with the use of skin moisturizers. Every good quality lotion contains moisturizers which protect your skin from wrinkling and help to keep it supple and smooth. These and other important ingredients can be found in many high quality indoor tanning bronzers and accelerators on the market. They come equipped with vitamins, natural butters, oils such as hemp and sunflower and soy to help prevent the rays from skin damage. Let’s face it – not using lotion could mean burned skin and skin damage. It makes sense to do the best you can to look after your skin.

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Try A Bronzing Lotion

An indoor tanning lotion which contains a bronzer, when rubbed on smoothly, will help to speed up the tanning process and give your skin a warm healthy glow. This tanning lotion has become extremely popular recently in tanning salons and can help cut down the time spent in a tanning bed by delivering a quick, beautiful color.

Bronzing lotions used in the tanning process contain amino acids made from sugar cane, which have a chemical reaction that turns bronze when it comes into contact with protein. In other words, when it comes into contact with the skin it turns brown.

There are several different ingredients used in the process of manufacturing tanning lotions. One type of bronzer goes through a chemical process to tan your skin, while the cosmetic bronzer will just color the surface of the skin. If you want to add to your existing tan, a bronzer will work well to darken your skin even further.

Apply to the skin in circular movements before an indoor tanning session. Take great care around the elbows and knees as these areas easily stain. Poor application will likely result in streaks and uneven color. A slow, light approach will achieve the desired result so don’t be too heavy handed and take your time.

Clothing can be somewhat stained by some of these products, so be very careful not to let your clothing come into contact with the lotion. Also remember that a bronzer stays on the skin for several hours after application while it continues to penetrate and darken your skin.

When you’ve completed the application, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly in order to avoid any dark tint to your palms.

You can also look for the newer bronzing lotions on the market that offer a more subtle color. With these products you won’t need to worry about anything remaining on your hands or clothes as all the ingredients are natural and water soluble.

If you already have a slight tan, applying a bronzer indoor tanning lotion will bring the color to life and give your tan a wonderful boost. Great if you have an event or last minute vacation getaway you want to look good for.

If you are unsure which lotion to use, be sure to ask the salon for some advice. It may be necessary to try several different types before you finally find the one that is best suited to your skin. It also depends upon the depth of tan you’re hoping to achieve, so experimentation may be necessary. A good salon will certainly be able to help you in this direction. Most good salons will give you a small sample to try before you buy.

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What Are Bronzer Tanning Lotions?

Bronzer lotions are indoor tanning lotions that have a warm bronzing effect on the skin. These lotions are available in different forms that include powders, lotions, moisturizers, gels and sprays. Bronzers are meant to create a tan that can be washed off with soap and water. You could say that bronzers are like make-up that will stay on your skin only as long as you want it to.

Basically there are two types of bronzers. The first one helps accelerate the tanning process whether you plan to tan in the sun or inside by using a tanning bed. These kinds of bronzer tanning lotions are usually labeled whether they are meant for indoor or outdoor tanning.

The second type of bronzers are called self tanning bronzers because they can produce a tan even without the help of the sun or any indoor, artificial tanning method.

Both types of bronzer tanning lotion help minimize the exposure to sunlight and to the dangerous UV rays. But of course, tanning inside is far the safer method to use and is preferred by more health conscious individuals.

You probably know by now that prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to skin damage and premature aging. It can also cause diseases of the skin such as skin cancer.

Some FAQ’S

* Are Bronzers Safe To Use?

Yes! Bronzer tanning lotion is considered to be safe and have FDA approval.

* What are the various kinds of Bronzers available?

Bronzing products are available in many different formulations. They are plenty of manufacturers who have them in their range of indoor tanning lotion. Most of them limit sweat production, are light and water resistant. Several other formulations also create a bright skin color.

* Do bronzing lotions rub off on the clothes?

Sometimes they do so one should be careful and make sure that the lotion is completely rubbed in. Ususally this is best done at the salon just before you tan. Try not to apply the product under the clothing or at places where the skin meets the edges of the clothes. You could also wear dark clothes so that any which does come into contact is less noticeable.

* How should one apply a bronzer product?

Correct application of a bronzer product can lead to a natural look. Apply the product only on those areas where the sun’s rays directly touch your skin. This means that you should apply bronzer tanning moisturizers on the bridge of the nose, apples of the cheeks and the cheekbones. Try using powder bronzer products as they are the easiest to apply. Here you would have to have some patience as just like any other makeup application, even bronzer application takes some time and practice.

* Which one is better- Natural tanning or the use of Bronzing products?

Natural tanning directly exposes the skin to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. This can be a serious threat to your skin and might even cause skin cancer. This is the single reason why more and more people are turning to safer alternatives today. However, one should be extremely careful while applying bronzing lotions as any incorrect application could give a streaky look.

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