how much of my muscle mass will i keep only running?

I injured my wrist (jan 1st) lifting so i can’t work out any more. I’ve been doing a lot of running and my wrist should be fully recovered by mid March.

Will running just tone the muscle mass i have? How much muscle mass will i loss in 3 months by just running?

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how should i take force factor supplement and acai berry supplement?

how should i take these two supplements?

force factor before workout then acai berry after workout? or
acai berry before workout then force factor after workout? or
take both before workout, or
take both after workout?

which is the best way of taking in these supplements.
i do 1hr 30min weight lift first then 30min hard cardio

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What supplements to take when on vacation?

I lift 5X a week. I am going to Florida for a week for Spring Break. I am going to bring my protein with me. I was wondering what other supplements are beneficial on "off" weeks to keep the muscle preserved and charged?

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What does 15lbs of muscle mass look like?


I’ve recently shot up a hell of alot and am now around 6’1 and 125ish lbs. I have little to no muscle mass, and I know that I need to gain. However I don’t want to gain weight in the form of fat tissue, how different would I look if I gained the necessary weight just as muscle. I know that this would be very difficult. Thanks.

By the way, I also have a very high metalbolism and unfortunately also anemia so that may hamper my progress.

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What type of supplements are good for improving a persons liver?

My cousin has asked me to post the question for him. He has elevated SGPT, SGOT, and BILIRUBIN levels and is wondering if there is a supplement or medication that he could get to help lower those levels in his liver.
SGPT- 95 (Normal range 7-56)
SGOT-45 (Normal range 8-40)
BILIRUBIN – 1.6 (Normal range 0.2-1.3)

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What supplements to take for working out?

I want to take a supplement that will allow me to lose weight without losing too much muscle. Ive been working out and running. I am also starting to eat right. I just want something that will give me energy and that will help burn fat. Wants something that wont raise my blood pressure and does not have a lot of bad side effects. Thank you.
I have never taken supplements before. Just curious to find out which ones worked for you.

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