What are the best tools / equipment for gaining muscle mass?

I’m trying to gain muscle mass / lose weight and am gradually adding more strength training. Other than the usual free weights which I already have / use, what are the best tools / equipment for gaining muscle – especially for legs and abdominals?
I know there really isn’t a "best" but what is your "Favorite" product? Bands, Balls, ect?

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Individual Health

Just fifty years ago, we weren’t faced with ten different flus of notorious proportions. There was just “the flu”. World travel has now made it possible for a dangerous flu from Hong Kong to be transported in a matter of hours to San Francisco. Today, there are conditions we’d never heard of until doctors decided it deserved a name and some bright chemist came up with a pill to get rid of the symptoms.

Does this new way of interpreting health strike a suspicious note in your mind? If so, that’s probably good. In today’s world, we need to take more responsibility for our individual health than might previously have been required. More and more people are beginning to realize that our individual health condition often belongs in our own hands.

There’s a lot of individual health factors that we can control in very simple and effective ways, to prevent conditions and diseases, avoiding a visit to the doctor and yet another costly prescription with side effects we may not even want to think about, but must, for our own protection.

In the last couple of decades, we’ve come to realize that our diets play a big role in individual health and disease. We know consumption of fatty and fried foods can cause the cholesterol to soar or harden our arteries. We’re aware of the many benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, loaded with antioxidants and free radical scavengers, which can go along way towards staving off cancer, colds and digestive problems. Cold water fish contain the now famous and beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, which are dubbed the “good” fats in nutrition circles. A couple of minutes thought on these few examples shows us we have a great deal of control over our individual health problems.

Then there are legitimate conditions we may have accumulated over the years, due to poor lifestyle habits, diet or simply genetically passed on as a vulnerability. Even then, we needn’t rely on a pill to save the day. Taking responsibility for our own individual health concerns means we must do a little work ourselves, many times producing a very favorable result.

Let’s say your cholesterol is high and your doctor gives you a prescription medicine to reduce the levels. However, after reading the literature accompanying that prescription, listing all the warnings about possible side effects, you’re not so sure you want to consume this pill. You do a little research on cholesterol and find that many clinical studies demonstrate that daily garlic intake will reduce the cholesterol levels by an equal amount in the same time frame, with no scary side effects. That’s when you want to consult your doctor and talk this over. If you can get the same results from a food rather than a pill, why introduce a pill that may do you harm?

You’ll find that by educating yourself, you can take charge of many individual health concerns and be hale and hearty.

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Making the Most of Your Personal Support Network When Losing Weight

A personal support network when losing weight is the best of both worlds: you are able to combine the need for spending time with your family on their terms and having them hold your feet to the fire for keeping or breaking your diet. Yet before you assume that all it takes is the request for a bit of familial help and the conviction that you will welcome correction and perhaps somewhat stern rebuke for failing to make good on your weight loss promises, remember that losing weight with a family scrutinizing your progress can be a double edged sword.

1. Your friends and also your family are a vital part of your personal life. Do not be deceived into thinking that you can handle criticism well when it comes consistently and from all sides; instead remember that while the saying that “behind every great man stands a great woman” may apply to marriage, it may not necessarily pertain to losing weight successfully. Many a personal weight loss plan fails not because the plan is not realistic or the dieter is not committed to the changes required in the daily lifestyle, but there simply was too much accountability coming at the dieter too quickly, and before long food became the one friend who would not judge. In this manner, the personal support network can actually become the dieter’s greatest liability.
2. Setting boundaries is the key to making your weight loss goal known but without jeopardizing your self esteem and respect to you by the family in the process. Failure to clearly define boundaries may put a serious damper on your family interactions, and might actually aggravate deep seated power struggles. To this end it is vital that you start small and assign specific tasks of accountability to specific family members. For example, while your spouse should have the greatest leeway of correcting your actions as pertaining to diet, children should only be put in charge or warning you away from potato chips or obvious diet busters.
3. Remember that you must have signals to make family interactions work. Following the adage that there is a time and a place for everything, losing weight with the help of your family is a personal process that should not be broadcast to others or be made fun of in any manner. In the same vein, family members should know not to question your food choices in front of others, or make you feel less than respected within earshot of other people. Remember that while you do not mind being corrected in private, having the same thing done to you in public most likely is going to create problems.
4. Last but not least, understand that even well defined boundaries require occasional tweaking. As your weight drops, or as you are moving onto a different phase of your diet plan, the odds are good that you need less accountability and more encouragement. Discuss these matters with your family often and early, and you will be rewarded with a great personal support network.

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