Make your hair grow faster

It never fails. At some point in our lives, virtually every one of us ponders some mystical drug or remedy for some random affliction. Maybe the affliction is severe like cancer, and maybe it’s more of a cosmetic issue such as hair loss. Either way, we’d love to just be able to pull a serum out of a magic hat and SHAZAM. No more problem. Unfortunately the real world doesn’t work that way. In this chaotic, hard and less than utopian existence we all know too well, ideal remedies are difficult to come by. So for all you folks who want to make your hair grow faster, increase your height by 6 inches, or heighten brain power times 50, I’ve got some dismal news for you. The world wasn’t made that way.
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Low fat Low carb Recipies

We all strive to lose weight and look great. Okay, well maybe that’s an over-statement, but a large portion of us do. It’s only natural to want to look your best and feel great about the attire you’re slipping into. This is why so many people have converted to low fat low carb recipes. It’s high time we all adopted a healthy alternative to the junk we’re so used to. In this day and age, only a fool would dine out on fast food twice a day.
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Detoxifying Herbs

I have a friend who sells detoxification herbs for a living. Although I never told him, I think he picked up on what my attitude was towards his products. He is a very empathic person, and although I was always polite, he knew that I thought that detox herbs were a joke. I have never been that comfortable with alternative remedies. My doctor has always done just fine for me whenever I have come down with any kind of condition. I do not need detox products to “cleanse” My body, or so I thought. One day, however, he told me to go on a detoxification diet. Somehow or another, he talked me into it. I am glad that he did. It changed my life.
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Anxiety Panic Attacks

Just ask anyone who has ever suffered from an anxiety panic attacks just how horrible it feels. Many of us have probably had one and just didn’t know what it was. According to statistics by, one out of every seventy-five people worldwide will experience anxiety panic attacks once in their lives. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress, but when anxiety becomes excessive, even routine situations become dreaded. At this point, it has become debilitating; anxiety is now panic with sudden surges of overwhelming fear that occur without warning or reason. Palpitations, hyperventilation, dizziness, chest pain, headache, tingling of the hands or arms, feeling sweaty or nauseous, and the immediate need to get the heck out of where ever you are and fast, are just a few of the most common symptoms of a panic attack.
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Bath and Body

Every woman loves simple indulgences, from comforting bubble baths, to fragrant soaps, lotions and potions. Thankfully, bath and body products are available everywhere and come in lots of different varieties and price ranges. When it comes to shopping online, it can be a bit difficult to experience fragrant indulgences, but when it comes to trying something new or stocking up on a favorite product, the internet may be the better option because there is just so much available. Bath and body retailers like Bath & Body Works feature online coupons and frequent in-store promotions that make it super easy for the discriminating bath connoisseur to never run out of their favorites. Bath & Body works is all about beauty for the body and soul, with fragrant flavorful indulgences, including shower gels, lotions, candles, bath accessories, and more.
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Gym Pants

Although a lot of people at the gym I go to are pretty fashionable and well-dressed, I never used to put a lot of attention into getting the right gym workout clothes. For gym pants, I would just wear whatever pair of sweatpants I had at the time. This usually worked pretty well for me. Generally, my sweats were a little too lose and baggy, but they were pretty comfortable. After half an hour or so on the treadmill or the elliptical trainer, however, things were radically different. I would be pretty tired out, and my so-called gym pant would not feel so comfortable anymore. They would soak up water, start to chafe me, and in general feel icky, sticky, and wet. That is why I decided to get new gym pants.
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Indoor Herb Garden

Every good cook knows there’s no substitute for fresh herbs when it comes to making any dish taste its best. You’ll find fresh herbs in plastic packs at the grocery, but they’re pricey and have a short shelf life in your frig. You can have truly fresh herbs available year around, ready to be snipped as needed, with an indoor herb garden. If you have a sunny windowsill, there are many culinary herbs which may be grown with little effort, ready to include in your dish of the day.

The flavor and aroma of herbs doesn’t get any fresher. You’ll notice the difference. You’ll need to use a little more of the fresh herbs than when using dried herbs. With an indoor herb garden, you can snip as you please, right into the pot for a flavor that can’t be beat. Snipping the top leaves gives a boost to your herb plant as well. A trim now and then promotes new growth.

An indoor herb garden can provide you with a fresh supply of your favorites all year long. Some of the most common culinary herbs are good candidates for potting. Sage, basil, tarragon, rosemary, thyme, chives and parsley grow easily in an indoor herb garden, provided a sunny spot, a little water and occasional fertilizing.

Growing herbs from seed can be difficult and time consuming. Give yourself a head start on your indoor herb garden by visiting the nursery in spring. By the time summer comes, your choices will be fewer. Most nurseries stock a variety of herbs in two or four inch pots, ready to take home and enjoy.

Most herbs do well in regular potting soil. Be sure your plants have good drainage. Line each drain tray with a layer of pebbles and then set the pot on top. This ensures your herbs don’t have “wet feet”, which most herbs dislike.

Some fresh herbs, like basil, taste entirely different from the dried version. There’s nothing better than a garden tomato sliced into wedges and dressed with fresh basil. This combination is a match made in heaven.

Freshly chopped chives are a favorite topping for a baked potato and sour cream. French tarragon has a very complex taste and is delicious with fish, seafood and game meats. How about some roasted potatoes sprinkled with rosemary from your own garden? You’ll find yourself using herbs more readily when you’ve got an indoor herb garden right in your kitchen!

Once you’ve tasted the difference fresh herbs make in any dish, you’ll never want to give up your indoor herb garden. In fact, you may run out of space on the windowsill!

Low Calorie Recipes

As we have all heard, being overweight significantly increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and other chronic diseases. One of the best things you can do for your overall health is to drop a few pounds (or more), by cutting calories and burning more through regular exercise. Slimming down doesn’t have to be painful, and you can improve your health and enjoy feeling great just by managing your diet better. Successful weight management always comes back to calories, and if you take in more than you use, you will gain weight. Just eat less and you’ll lose, right? If only it were that simple. Different diets may come and go, but the real trick is to find meals that will satisfy your hunger, not leave you feeling deprived and depressed.
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Treatment of Dementia

Whenever someone we love is suffering from an illness, we tend to feel some of their pain and suffering as well. That empathy is deeply felt when a loved one is struggling with dementia. This illness causes sadness, anger and frustration for both the person afflicted and their family members. Finding an effective treatment of dementia is something everyone desires.
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Teeth Whitening System

Having a bright and beautiful smile is something virtually everyone wants. We’re all told when we are young to brush and floss our teeth, to visit the dentist for cleanings every six months and to avoid coffee and cola so we don’t stain our pearly whites. Most of us don’t take as good a care of our teeth as we should and it can result in yellowish teeth as opposed to striking white ones. With a teeth whitening system that can easily be fixed, and a smile that was once dingy and gray can be renewed to a gleaming white.
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