Meal Plans

It seems almost everyone is on a diet, and most of them begin on the first of the year. It seems to be a bad time to start a diet, because many of them fall off by the end of January. It doesn’t matter when you start a diet, but it does matter how you […]

Stress Relieving

Life can be rough. The day to day bouts with work, family and routines can really start to wear you down. Something known as stress tends to build in different areas of our body. This can in-turn make us grouchy, irritable, tired and even sore. You’ve probably suffered with a few muscles aches and headaches […]

Senior Health Care

Getting old sucks! Or at least this is what I’ve heard from family members. My mother laughs about her age these days. She’s now 64 years old and starting to have difficulty getting around. I tell her it’s related to her lack of exercise, but she doesn’t listen. One thing that does become quite important […]

Raw Foods

There are some people who swear by a diet of raw food. This can be a great idea, but you do have to be careful that you are getting a balanced diet. Most raw foods will be in the form of fruits and vegetables, but there are other things you can try as well. When […]