198. Alcohol & Weight Loss


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  1. ahh i keep commenting on your videos because theyre so awesome. i like an ice cold lager every once and again, but heck it racks up really fast.

  2. thank you so much im not overweight about want to lose 30 lbs and you are so nspirational like ur style

  3. is it true that alcohol makes you lose weight slower because it slows the liver function down! like could someone really have 2 drinks a night within the daily calorie requirements and still lose weight?

  4. Glad you likemy stuff! Eating before you go to bed makes NO difference. It’s the total calories eaten in 24 hours and the total calories burned in 24 hours!

  5. Steve great vid on the weight loss and alcohol portion. Heres my problem. I cannot eat in the mornings when I wake up! Makes me sorta sick, afternoons is ok, and dinner, but I also stay up late. With that I always seem to eat something for going to bed, which I know isnt good for me. What can I do to change this? Thanks and Im a new subscriber to your awesomeness!!

  6. Thanks! Just telling the truth. New website in about a week. Please tell a friend. Steve

  7. At weekend nights, I eat sugary sweets and its hard to give them up when everyone is stuffing themselves and I’m not. Exactly the same when people drink.
    All I can do is try.

  8. they always are, after you have a lot to drink make sure u take like 2-3 teaspoons of honey to replenish the glucose in your body no more hangovers for you

  9. coolnewyorker, he does help people out for free but just a FYI nothing is free… I’m sure these videos are helping his personal training buisness

  10. jackhammer, I don’t know what you’ll drink that doesn’t have sugar in it… alcohol is fermented sugar. So anything with alcohol has sugar buddy.

  11. I completely disagree with your statement. I have drank alcohol and still felt my testosterone pumping through my body the next day.

  12. I drink, but not beer because I know it contains sugar, and even if I do drink, I limit it to once a week, like every weekend, just to unwind a bit, and not too much.

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